1/6 Committee Gets A Big Win As Judge Rejects Eastman Effort To Delay Turnover Of Trump Related Docs

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A federal judge has rejected John Eastman’s argument to delay a hearing about his emails that could contain critical 1/6 evidence.

Politico reported:

In a late Friday order, Judge David Carter said Eastman’s demand to postpone a March 8 hearing and force the select Committee to provide him “exculpatory” evidence was unwarranted and legally misguided.


“Dr. Eastman’s liberty is not at issue—only his emails,” Carter ruled. “The legislature raises allegations of crime in the limited context of privilege; but it is the executive branch that is solely responsible for deciding whether to prosecute. For Dr. Eastman to risk incarceration, there would have to be entirely separate criminal proceedings, where the Government would face a substantially higher burden of proof and Dr. Eastman would receive the full protections of criminal law.”

Eastman Is Trying To Hide The Documents Because They Likely Contain Evidence Of Criminal Activity

The Committee said in the filed response in this case that they believe John Eastman, Trump, and other associates of the former president committed at least three crimes.

Eastman is trying the same tactic that Trump and his associates have already failed numerous times with. The lawyer is trying to use the legal system to slow down the 1/6 Committee until after the midterm election, where he hopes that Republicans will win control of the House and close down the 1/6 Committee.

The Committee believes that John Eastman has critical evidence of the plot to overturn the election. An international documentary crew captured Roger Stone trying to get preemptive pardons for congressional Republicans who participated in the plot to overturn the election.

Once the Committee gets the Eastman documents, they will be able to put more pieces together and likely be on the path to issuing criminal referrals to the Department of Justice for Trump and his inner circle.

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