1/6 Committee Investigates If Trump Tried To Cover His Tracks By Using Different Phones

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The 1/6 Committee is investigating whether Trump used other people’s phones to make calls during the Capitol attack.

CNN reported:

That’s because the House select committee looking into the US Capitol riot has discovered an unusual gap in Trump’s official White House phone log for multiple hours, according to sources familiar with the House investigation — from after he returned to the White House from speaking to his supporters at the Ellipse on January 6, 2021, until he spoke via video to the nation from the Rose Garden. And it has got investigators looking elsewhere — to other people’s cell phones and perhaps even to Trump’s own cell phones, although the committee has declined to take that uncomfortable step so far.

The difficulty for the committee in tracking down just whom Trump spoke with — and when — is dealing with his unorthodox phone habits while in office: According to multiple sources formerly in the administration, the ex-President often used other people’s telephones (or multiple phones of his own, sometimes rotated in and out of use) to communicate with his supporters — and even family.

Did Trump Not Take Calls On 1/6 Or Was He Covering His Tracks?

There is no good answer for Trump. If he was using the phones of others to avoid detection, that makes him look guilty. If the former president was refusing to take any calls, then he failed to respond to a national crisis and do his job.

There is no good explanation for the gap in his call log, especially since Trump was known to be on the phone around the clock. Either Trump was talking on someone else’s phone or he had gone radio silent after the attack because he was trying to lay low and not implicate himself in the attack.

Either way, the former president can’t explain away the gap in his phone records on 1/6, and the Select Committee is looking for answers


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