1/6 Committee Releases Devastating Memo That Judge Called Evidence Of Trump Felonies

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1/6 Committee Releases Devastating Memo That Judge Called Evidence Of Trump Felonies

The memo that a judge referred to as evidence of felonies by Trump and John Eastman was made public by the 1/6 Committee.

The memo contains a detailed timeline of how Trump and Eastman planned to use the Electoral Count Act to steal the election. The memo was written by Kenneth Chesebro and sent to Rudy Giuliani.

The Memo Lays Out A Criminal Plot To Steal An Election

The timeline includes (via Politico:)

  • Jan 3-5: Chesebro suggested that members of the Senate hold hearings in the days before the Jan. 6 session. In particular, he wanted Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), then chair of the Judiciary Committee, to focus on Pence’s power to count electoral votes. A Graham spokesman emphasized that he held no hearings on this subject at the time. His office has declined to say whether any of Trump’s lawyers approached him about the plan.
  • Jan. 6: Chesebro suggested that Pence should immediately recuse from running the electoral vote count, citing a “conflict of interest” and hand the gavel to Sen. Chuck Grassley or another senior Republican senator. Then, that senator would lead the count but refuse to accept any electors in the states Trump was contesting. Instead, the senator would contend that if those states wanted to be counted, they had to rerun their elections, engage in more litigation or have their legislatures appoint new electors.

Post-Jan. 6: Here Chesebro essentially suggests to let the chips fall. The Supreme Court might step in and overrule the Trump gambit or sidestep it by declaring it “nonjusticiable.” But he said even trying and failing would be a worthy attempt and could resolve in unpredictable ways, such as the selection of Pence as president.

The idea that states could be told that their votes would not be counted unless they redid the election, sued, or appointed alternative electors is a mindboggling crime against democracy.

The memo makes it clear why the FBI is knocking on doors and investigating the fake electors scheme. The plan doesn’t work without the fake electors to contest the outcome, the plan doesn’t work. The fake electors were critical to the scheme.

The memo is evidence that Trump, Eastman, Giuliani, and others engaged in a criminal conspiracy to steal a presidential election.

All of those who were involved must be prosecuted.

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