1/6 Committee To Use First Televised Hearing To Shock Nation With ‘Mountain of New Evidence’

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The House Select Committee wants the country to feel the sense of urgency it felt on January 6, 2021, and will attempt to take the country back during its first televised primetime hearing in the next week.

Everyone recalls the mood and environment in the days after January 6th, 2021. Trump finally had gone too far, he was done. Both Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell made strong statements condemning Trump’s role in the matter. Every significant social media presence banned Trump and it was not that controversial. Weeks later, seven Republicans voted “guilty” on Trump’s second impeachment with nearly every other GOP Senator saying that they didn’t believe the impeachment was timely. They did not defend Trump.

The Select Committee believes it can take the country back to when it was as close to a consensus as capable. According to CNN, there are hints that the Committee plans on using the first primetime hearing to put the public in the middle of the vortex created by Trump and his closest advisors with new unseen evidence, unseen texts, new testimony, and unseen pictures by the White House photographer, intended to grip the nation:

“New glimpses of the mountain of evidence piled up by the committee suggest the panel will take viewers deep into Trump’s inner circle before and during the insurrection to pose the question of why he didn’t try to stop it as hours passed.  The Committee plans to re-create the horror of the crazed day when supporters of then-President Donald Trump effectively tried to stage a coup after the 2020 election and to prevent the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory.”

“There were clear signs on Thursday that the committee plans to build a case that the ex-President and some key lieutenants still represent a clear and present danger to the republic should he go ahead and run for the presidency again and win in 2024. Some of the evidence emerging about Trump’s conduct on January 6 is staggering.”

Staggering. Adam Schiff has previously said that the Committee has evidence that will blow the roof off the House (Which some of us always speculated as meaning they will show that House members were involved, but again, that is speculation). Rep. Jamie Raskin has said that the most chilling words he’s heard in the investigation involve Pence refusing to get into an SUV below the Capitol to whisk him away, implying that Pence sensed a plot to prevent him from doing a job only he could do. It all sounds like a conspiracy involving the Secret Service and coordinated from the top. That would be a staggering presentation, one that demonstrates that Trump remains the greatest danger to democracy that this nation since 1860.

According to former Virginia GOP Rep. Denver Riggleman:

“It is horror, because these are people that are serving our government. And you can see, you know, almost QAnon and other conspiracy theories had inundated the Republican Party all the way up to the top levels. … It’s absolutely stunning that these individuals enter a position of power — making policy.”

Making policy? “Are” serving? House members…



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