193 House Republicans Voted Against Lowering The Price Of Insulin To $35

The House passed a bill to lower the price of insulin to no more than $35/month, but 193 House Republicans voted against it.

Via: The AP:

The House on Thursday passed a bill capping the monthly cost of insulin at $35 for insured patients, part of an election-year push by Democrats for price curbs on prescription drugs at a time of rising inflation.

Experts say the legislation, which passed 232-193, would provide significant relief for privately insured patients with skimpier plans and for Medicare enrollees facing rising out-of-pocket costs for their insulin. Some could save hundreds of dollars annually, and all insured patients would get the benefit of predictable monthly costs for insulin. The bill would not help the uninsured.

Republicans had the nerve to complain on the House floor about the bill to cap the cost of life-saving medication:

Rodgers: Today, it’s the government fixing the price on insulin. What’s next? Gas? pic.twitter.com/QDStfQOeOq

— Acyn (@Acyn) March 31, 2022

Actually, price regulations on gas would not be a bad idea, but I don’t that is where McMorris Rogers was going.

Thanks to the ACA millions of previously uninsured diabetics are now covered, and they will benefit from the legislation.

The Senate is negotiating its own bipartisan bill to lower the cost of insulin to $35. The Senate is also working on a provision to lower the cost of insulin for the uninsured.


The bigger and most unfathomable problem for the nation is that the majority of House Republicans voted against lowering the cost of insulin.

More than 37 million Americans have diabetes. The vast majority of them are Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetics, but House Republicans just told millions of other Americans that they don’t care if their life-saving medication is affordable.

The Affordable Insulin Now Act will be a lifesaver for millions of diabetics.

House Republicans will come to voters in the fall with a lot of populist arguments about how they are fighting for your freedom, but one can’t be free if they aren’t alive.

Beneath the rhetoric, Republicans are revealing how little they care and how willing they are to let Americans die.

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