[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 15 of 90 Day Fiancé.]

This time of year could be proof that the distance doesn’t make your heart beat faster. Andrew threatens Amira but still plays the victim while Mike and Natalie have not one but two breakups – a third is on the way – before they actually end it for good. With every broken engagement, the respective future grooms demand the return of their rings … but these new single ladies are not yet releasing their hard-earned jewelry. As we find out, patience is not Andrew’s forte anyway. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … here’s our recap this week.

Yara & Jovi: Alone in a crowd

A tired and pregnant Yara regrets letting Jovi invite his friends to her Las Vegas wedding; She wants time alone with him, but he makes out with his college friends. “If he can’t take the wedding seriously, what will he take seriously?” Yara vented. “I feel lonely.”


Jovi complains that Yara is “in a bad mood” before deciding to spend the night just with her. What a sacrifice!

Mike & Natalie: Back and forth

“Today should be my wedding day, but it’s not,” says Natalie. “After I realized we weren’t getting married, I couldn’t stay in the house, I couldn’t even look at Michael.” Natalie and neighbor Tamara plan to go to Seattle. Natalie will then find her way to her native Ukraine, possibly via France.


Natalie admits that if they knew the pain he was causing her to fly back during the pandemic, friends and family would think Mike was “a monster”. A solemn Mike clumsily follows Natalie to the car and apologizes half-heartedly. Natalie doesn’t have it: “Find an American girl and be happy, OK? I am sorry that I will not contact you. I’ll block you. “Natalie then leaves.

Brandon & Julia: More wedding nonsense

Brandon’s father appeals to his apathy about wedding planning: “You should be happy and you just don’t seem to be. That bothers me a little. “Brandon assures his parents that despite their arguments and cold feet, he is in love with Julia.

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, Brandon and Julia agree to quickly tie the knot so she can get a green card. She worries that she will never have the wedding of her dreams.

Stephanie & Harris: A crazy relationship

Harris climbs palm trees to pick coconuts for Stephanie, and she ponders how manly he is. “He’s a man,” enthuses Stephanie. “Of course the sex is phenomenal, but if you look at Harris, you can tell he’s really a good person.”

Harris just wants to go to Michigan to be with Stephanie for the long term. “I have a lot of big dreams,” he says. Stephanie confirms she is canceling ex Ryan’s K-1 visa application, but she has also followed Harris on Facebook. It turns out that the mother of Harris’ children, Emma, ​​was at his birthday party a few months ago. “They don’t look like an unhappy couple on your Facebook,” says Stephanie. “That’s a woman who loves you very much.” Apparently she’s not a fan of coparenting!

Stephanie, 90 days fiancé, TLC

Harris promises that he and Emma have both moved on. “I love you and I am so happy to be with you,” he tells Stephanie. It is easy to appease.

Harris needs more than Ryan’s sloppy seconds in romance: Stephanie “gives” Harris all of Ryan’s hand-me-downs! (How romantic.)

“I had bought Ryan thousands of dollars in clothes and when I kicked him out there was a lot of stuff left. So everything Harris got, including a $ 3,000 watch, ”says Stephanie. She also gives Harris a $ 100 “snack” bill. Harris confides in the camera that he will use the money for his children.

Stephanie breaks up with Harris – but before she leaves Belize, she wants to speak to Emma.

Rebecca & Zied: The last push

Although Zied has only been in America for a month, Rebecca has increased her pavilion wedding plans by 60 days to accommodate Ramadan. The couple go shopping at Target to buy Zied’s wedding outfit: shockingly, they are skinny jeans.

Later Zied FaceTimes with his sister, who is still skeptical even after two years of knowing Rebecca’s intentions. “I have only one sister and only one fiancée. It’s difficult for me, ”admits a torn Zied.

Zied, fiancé for 90 days


The couple eventually arrives at the wedding location in the cabin for the ceremony. Rebecca points out because her dress doesn’t fit properly and she feels the pressure of rushing her down the aisle. “I would be lying if I said pulling it out didn’t cross my mind at least once or twice,” she admits.

Hazel & Tarik: Bachelorette Bliss

Tarik and Hazel only have two days to get married before their visa expires. Hazel calls her parents to tell them she is bisexual and plans to go after a friend in the US. “I don’t want to hide it anymore,” she says. “Here in America, I’m proud of who I am, and I want my family to see it too.”

Hazel explains to her family that Tarik is open to having another partner during their marriage. Her mother says they will pray that Hazel is not bisexual, but her father promises that he will only be truly happy if Hazel is happy. “My mom may not understand who I really am, but I’m glad my dad told me it’s okay for me to be bisexual,” Hazel tears. “If my mother never accepts me as bisexual, I’ll be really sad, but I’m glad I can get married without hiding anything. I think this is a new life for me in America. “

Hazel, bachelorette party, 90 day fiance


Hazel gets a taste of what this new life might be like on her bachelorette party when the stripper arrives. Hazel is in awe of her physique and tells the camera that the dancer Tarik surprised her with is exactly the kind of woman she’s been looking for so far. “I’m happy to have met Tarik because he accepts me for who I am,” she smiles.

Andrew & Amira: “Can you send your ring back?”

Starting out in Roseville, California, Andrew worries about his mother that “something went wrong” with Amira. “I woke up this morning and thought I was going to pick Amira at the airport, but instead I got a text message saying she hadn’t got on the plane,” he explains. “I think I failed.”

Rewind 24 hours beforehand and we’ll see what actually happened. Amira ended her two-week quarantine in Serbia and was due to come to the United States. “I thought he was a good person,” she sobs. “I thought he was the one.” The conversation about when to have children apparently escalated into a nightly text fight. “I tell him, ‘I love you. You know that and it doesn’t stop, ”says Amira. “Then he wrote me a ticket to Paris.”

Andrew’s text: “You have two tickets, two options. You can fly here or there. Do what you want. I don’t care … The children in daycare are far better team players. “

Amira, airport, fiancé for 90 days


Andrew is adamant. “If you have something to do, I strongly recommend that you get involved now. My time is limited! “He types. Half an hour later he writes:” It has been 30 minutes since my first offer to help. I only have 60 seconds left “, followed by a countdown of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ….

“I really did my best,” shouts Amira. “I’m so close to coming to the US to be with him and I don’t want to give up on us.” She goes to the airport the next morning, but Andrew keeps threatening her, saying that she is going to see an “angry fiance” in California. Amira calls her father before she has a panic attack. “I’m in too much pain,” she admits. Amira finally decides to return to France.

Andrew replied, “Logistics is not a priority at all, but can you send me your ring back?” Amira didn’t get the empathy and care she needed, and Andrew’s response on the postal service only confirms that she made the right choice to leave him.

Mike & Natalie: Ugh, again?

Your story is not over yet. Natalie has to split up with Mike again after Tamara realizes they forgot to take his credit card to pay for their hotel room in Seattle.

Mike, 90 days fiancé


Natalie doesn’t want to face Mike, but he dares to ask about the engagement ring. She refuses. “It is your decision to break up with me on the day of the wedding,” says Natalie. “I want to keep it to remind myself how much pain you’ve caused me.” So much for breaking apart again.


Next week Tarik and Hazel tie the knot, Jovi keeps ignoring Yara, and Julia threatens Brandon with a divorce before they’re even married. Plus, Rebecca is still nervous about marrying Zied, and Mike is getting used to life without Natalie … that is, until her hotel reservation is denied and she has to return to his house. “This is the worst day of my life,” she suffers. The third time is the charm!

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