[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 17 of 90 Day Fiancé].

It’s the end of the road for the wild eighth season of 90 Day Fiancé on TLC. The last of the couple tied the knot while Stephanie received one final surprise. Plus, Yara and Jovi have a special hour dedicated to their journey into parenthood. Let’s dive again.

Yara & Jovi: I can’t help but fall in love

After two years together, Yara and Jovi still have cold feet. Jovi’s mother Gwen even admits that her son is a “mom’s boy” but that it is time for him to be Yara’s husband.

The couple meet to travel to the Elvis Presley-themed wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yara is still concerned that Jovi might not be the perfect partner, but no matter what, she wants him to be her husband. They both say “I’ll do” in front of Jovi’s friends and family before going to a big reception. Jovi admits that their marriage will be “work” but that he’s excited to call Yara his wife – and mother of his child!

Mike & Natalie: “Two countries, one love” … and three opportunities

Despite their tumultuous walk to the altar, Natalie and Mike are preparing for another wedding on the last day of Natalie’s visa. This time she can only hope that Mike doesn’t cancel at the last minute. “This situation is unusual,” she sums up. “Last night Michael decided that he wanted to marry me on my 90th day … if it were his way, he would just stay in the relationship with me longer without getting married.”


Natalie’s close friends are all back in Ukraine, but that doesn’t stop her from still celebrating the unexpected wedding of her dreams. “We officially run out of time,” Natalie explains before taking her vows to Mike. “I’m grateful to him for giving us a chance … I feel like I made the right choice.”

Mike smiles at the camera and realizes he’s ready for their future as a married couple. The happy couple is officially just married!

Andrew & Amira: Better broken

Back in Roseville, California, Andrew, a new single, meets with his mother and sister. It’s clear where Andrew gets his empathy from. “How do we even know she was having an anxiety attack? Nobody was there, ”says his mother Lori, before admitting that she doesn’t believe Amira.

Andrew’s sister even encourages Andrew to be angry with Amira. It doesn’t take much for Andrew to vent his anger. “It felt like a breakup because she wasn’t making any effort to do anything to fix it,” complains Andrew. “Ultimately, I should have seen the signs.”


Amira is now back home and safe in France. “I’ve done everything in my power to make it work and in return I’ve only gotten into difficult situations. Why? “Says Amira as she tears up.” He put me under pressure to commit myself to having children immediately. This is not love here. “

Georgia Fowler pregnant with first child

Noel Gallagher hits 'purple Patch' in songwriting for new album

Amira tells the camera that she is “rebuilding” herself, including returning to school for her bachelor’s degree. “I will try to love myself again, and I never want to speak to Andrew again. I’m not ready to let him control me ever again, ”she concludes.

Stephanie & Harris: Scam Central

Stephanie returns to Michigan after her tumultuous trip to Belize. The Medspa owner burns ex-boyfriend Ryan’s K-1 visa application and throws it into a pile of dried leaves. But that’s not the only fire that Stephanie starts: she is ready to marry the new Beau Harris. Still, Stephanie wants to be sure that Harris is completely done with his children’s mother, Emma. Stephanie FaceTimes both Harris and Emma to ask what the status of their relationship is. Emma promises that Harris will only be her partner in parenting and that their romance is over for good.

Stephanie, 90 days fiancé


An overjoyed Stephanie raves about Harris being her fateful fiance. “I think we can be lucky,” she cooed after she (!) Pasted his photo on a digital refrigerator, undoubtedly ruining the surface.

Cut to Harris, Emma and their children on the beach in Belize. A producer asks Harris what he hopes for his relationship with Stephanie, and the answers are shocking. “I always thought that I could be the one that is with Stephanie so that I can move to the US from here,” Harris begins. “I have a lot of big dreams. The first is my family, my children, my mother, my father. I can give them a better life, and of course my little mother Emma … I love her so much and I will always take care of her. “

Emma and Harris, 90 days fiancé


But Harris doesn’t stop there: “I’ve never found anyone in my life who can give me free money. I feel special that I know someone like Stephanie, ”continues Harris. “There is only once in history that you get such a good break.” And then he kisses Emma! Have they been together the whole time? Will Stephanie find out before it’s too late?

More Yara & Jovi: … and baby makes three!

The season finale ends with a special segment dedicated to Yara and Jovi as they greet their newborn baby. After their wedding, Jovi had to go to work, but his usual four-week schedule was dropped due to travel restrictions for COVID-19, and he was gone for almost four months instead. Yara moves in with Gwen’s mother-in-law during her pregnancy to prepare for the baby.

Later on, Jovi eventually returns to New Orleans, Louisiana and returns to the same old Jovi parties. First he insults Gwen’s baby birthday present and then complains that Yara’s cake was too “sandy” for him. Jovi also celebrates with his friends at the bar while his eight month pregnant wife is waiting for him. But Jovi is forced into papa mode after Yara goes into labor early.

Jovi and Yara, baby Mylah, 90 day fiancé


Yara suffers for hours before giving birth to daughter Mylah. “It was just a special moment when I looked down on her and knew this was my child,” Jovi proudly tells the camera. He gives Yara her well-deserved “push gift”, but Yara is still shocked by the whirlwind of their relationship. “Everything was worth it,” says Jovi. The happy family closes this season and we can’t wait to tell you all about it next week!

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