[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 16 of 90 Day Fiancé.]

Fan-favorite couples tie the knot while two flip-flop duos debate whether or not they can make the leap of faith. Mike and Natalie still haven’t officially declared it over, much to the annoyance of viewers. When will Mike finally make a decision ?! And of course, a Vegas-loving Jovi will have his final altercation with pregnant fiancé Yara, who may not be the one. Unlike Mike and Jovi, we can safely dive in!

Mike & Natalie: Back on the not so fun carousel

Natalie returns to Mike’s home after being turned away from the Seattle hotel for trying to use Mike’s credit card with no ID. Why can’t she book a room and pay for it herself? Didn’t anyone tell Natalie’s neighbor and confidante Tamara that this is the standard hotel policy? Why are we even still watching this surprisingly boring poisonous couple? We have no answers except for whatever reason, their saga continues.

“I was very nervous and my feet were very cold. I just feel like everything is so rushed, ”Mike mumbles as he drifts around the house. He only had three years and another three months to find out if he wanted to marry Natalie.


The next morning, Natalie cries again about feeling torn between trying to save her relationship with Mike or simply returning to Ukraine. We understand you are incompatible. Mike eventually takes responsibility for getting Natalie “in a bad position” and assures her that he never wanted her to leave.

“I can’t describe our relationship as easy, but no matter how angry I am with Mike, deep down inside I have feelings for him at the end of the day,” confesses Natalie in front of the camera.


The couple later videochatted with an immigration attorney to discuss what would happen if they didn’t get married on the last day of Natalie’s K-1 visa. Once the 90 days are up, Natalie will be technically illegal in the US. Mike tries to get the attorney to give her blessing to silently disregard the 90-day visa policy, but she “would not recommend”. Natalie may also not be able to return to Ukraine internationally if her visa has expired.

“I think you have a lot of personal problems before you invest thousands of dollars in the immigration process,” the lawyer advises them. What else can you say to an undecided couple like Mike and Natalie?

Jovi & Yara: Stop blocking

Yara finally attends the wedding parties at the Las Vegas Casino with Jovi. He teaches her blackjack when she encourages him to slowly grow up. Jovi’s pals don’t yet know that Yara is pregnant, so there’s a lot of peer pressure for her to drink with the wedding team.

Yara and Jovi, Las Vegas, 90 days fiancé


The day before the wedding, Jovi’s mother, Gwen, helps the couple pick up wedding rings. Gwen urges Jovi to get Yara the more expensive ring she wants. “He needs to understand that the ring he’s going to put on her finger will stay there forever,” explains Gwen. Jovi says the ring is “not important” and quickly picks a titanium bracelet for himself within a few minutes.

Beer in hand, Jovi finds a tuxedo with his best man and his father. Jovi’s moody teen is sure to get old; coupled with the “Well we all know how crazy Jovi is!” quips we can’t help but wonder how much Yara has to endure. “To be honest, we did things too quickly,” emphasizes Jovi in ​​a confessional. Well, maybe he should have thought about it before Yara got pregnant! Spectators, place your bets on whether or not they can handle it.

Tarik & Hazel: We don’t cry, you cry

It’s finally Tarik and Hazel’s wedding anniversary. Parents won’t be around due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t dampen Hazel’s excitement. “I’m going to marry the man I love,” she says with a smile.

Tarik’s older brother Dwain even drove from Utah to Virginia to support them, but Tarik says his brother Dean’s relationship is “dead” right now, so Dwain is the only family he has for his big day.

Hazel, Tarik and Auri on their wedding day, 90 days fiancé


Tarik’s daughter Auri also wears a white dress and stands between the bride and groom during the ceremony. The family friend, Angela, is officiating her wedding, and tears are everywhere. “Now there will never be anyone before you,” Tarik swears to his bride Hazel. The happy husband and wife drive into their bright future in a white Maserati sedan.

Brandon & Julia: a touching wedding

Julia still urges Brandon to help with wedding planning. While Brandon even has difficulty building up the bouquet with wildflowers correctly, he pampers Julia with a little “spa day” with a bubble bath in her house.

Julia, wedding anniversary, 90 days fiancé


The young couple later go to church to tie the knot. Brandon’s people are wonderfully supporting – despite their years of complaints – Julia’s big day and even Zoom with their Russia-based parents so that they can virtually attend the ceremony. Brandon wrote his vows in Russian to please Julia, and she says hers in English. Julia promises to make Brandon “protein cookies” as his “Russian Angel”, and Brandon assures her that she will always be his top priority. “It’s a happy, sad moment for my parents, for my family,” admits Julia.

Rebecca & Zied: happy ending

The fourth time is the stimulus! Rebecca ties in with Zied, and despite the rush to get married before Ramadan, their wedding goes off without a hitch. Zied even presents a “new look” with his “cute hair” for the big day. Rebecca rides in a white horse-drawn carriage and has her Cinderella moment before being escorted to the altar by her son-in-law.

Rebecca and Zied on their wedding day, 90 days fiancé


What’s next for this blissful couple? “We can’t wait to be home and alone,” grins Rebecca. The newly married Zied coos that he can hardly wait to kiss her “anywhere”. Your honeymoon seems to be off to a good start!


Next week, Jovi and Yara both have their doubts, and Andrew is apparently back to dig Amira for good. “How do we even know she had a panic attack? Nobody was there, ”echoes Andrew’s empowering mother. Sounds healthy. Stephanie lights Ryan’s K-1 visa application before calling Harris’s baby mom, and Natalie is wearing a costume – will she actually get married to Mike? After three cliffhangers she is better!

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