Adam Schiff Confirms That The 1/6 Committee Is Investigating Trump

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1/6 Committee member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) confirmed that the committee is investigating Trump’s function in all phases of the Capitol assault.

Complete online video of Rep. Schiff on CNN’s State Of The Union: at?v=msz4qtduyEY

DANA BASH: So, have you located any proof at all at this issue that Donald Trump realized of programs for violence at the Capitol that day?

SCHIFF: Dana, I just cannot go into the evidence that we have gathered.

But I will say this. I consider amongst the most critical inquiries that we’re investigating is the comprehensive purpose of the former president. That is, what did he know in progress about the propensity for violence that working day? Was this in essence the backup program for the failed litigation about the state? Was this a thing that was expected?

How was it funded? What did the funders know about what was probable to occur that working day? And what was the president’s response as the assault was going on, as his individual vice president was currently being threatened?

I believe amongst the most — the broadest class of unknowns are all those surrounding the former president. And we are determined to get answers. But, at this stage, I am not in a position to reveal what we know however.

BASH: You really do not want to suggest what you know, but can you explain to us if you know matters? (LAUGHTER)

BASH: Are there things to know?

SCHIFF: You know, I truly let the committee — I allow the committee discuss by our chairman and via our communications group. So I really do not want to get ahead of the committee.

The 1/6 Committee Is Next The Path To Trump

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Everything associated to the coup comes back to one particular person. The a variety of threads of the 1/6 attack from the rally arranging to the speech to the assault on the Capitol all link to Trump.

The motive why Republicans are striving so tough to stonewall the committee is that a whole investigation will likely that Trump was the hub of the coup wheel, and the spokes have been many Republican users of Congress.

As Trump and his family members continue on to try to incite violence and unrest, the 1/6 Committee looks to be closing in on them.

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