Amber Heard claims image of Johnny Depp was ‘Photoshopped’ | Entertainment

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Amber Heard claims an image showing Johnny Depp with two black eyes has been “Photoshopped”.

The 36-year-old actress made the claim during her ongoing court case with her ex-husband in Fairfax, Virginia, where she is countersuing after Depp sued her for defamation over a 2018 article she wrote about being a victim of domestic abuse.

After being presented with a photo from the couple’s honeymoon in 2015, Heard – who also features in the photo – replied: “I’ve seen this picture before, and he’s not injured in it. This one is Photoshopped.”

Heard alleges that Depp slapped her across the face, grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against a wall during their honeymoon.

However, Camille Vasquez – Depp’s attorney – disputes her version of events.

She said in court: “This is the only photo from your honeymoon that shows someone injured.”

Meanwhile, Heard also claimed to be the victim of an “ongoing smear campaign”.

The Hollywood star said the situation had led to her losing her advertising deal with L’Oreal, while she’s also faced a petition to be dropped from ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’.

She said: “They can’t use me because of all of the online attention that generated.”

The attorney subsequently acknowledged that Heard has been the subject of “really negative publicity”.

Vasquez explained: “A lot of reasons you’re no longer active in these endeavors … there was a lot of publicity about your relationship with Mr. Depp, a lot of really negative publicity.”

And in response, the actress said: “There’s been an ongoing smear campaign, an orchestrated smear campaign.”

Vasquez then questioned Heard’s statement.

She replied: “An ongoing negative publicity campaign? You have no evidence of that.”

Heard then said: “Just look me up, you’ll see.”