AMC Theatres plan to charge ticket prices based on seat location | Entertainment

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AMC Theatres plan to charge ticket prices based on seat location | Entertainment

Moviegoers may have to pay a little more soon for good seats at AMC Theatres.

On Monday, AMC revealed a plan to make tickets for the less desirable seats cheaper. The more popular seats will cost more.

The tiered pricing plan is called “Sightlines at AMC.” There will be three levels of ticket pricing, according to a news release. AMC did not specific pricing in the release. 

Most seats in the theaters will be considered “Standard Sightline,” and will be available for the usual cost of a ticket.

The “Value Sightline” seats include the front row as well as ADA accessible seats and will be at lower cost. Customers will need to be signed up for the movie theater chain’s free member rewards program to take advantage. 

The most desirable seats — in the middle of the theater — will cost more as part of the “Preferred Sightline” tier.

Customers who have signed up for AMC’s A-List membership won’t need to pay the extra fee for the preferred seats. The A-List program allows customers to see several movies per week for a monthly price, according to the company. 

The Sightline program will only apply to show times after 4 p.m. at participating locations and will not be applied on Discount Tuesdays. 

Some locations are already participating in the Slightline program, but AMC plans to roll the program out to remaining AMC theaters by 2023, according to the release. Maps with seat locations and pricing will be provided at participating theaters as well as on the app and website. 

AMC currently has theaters in Williamsport, Selinsgrove, and Bloomsburg. The Sightline program is not yet in place at those locations. 

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