An On Fire Rachel Maddow Blows The Lid Off Of Trump’s DOJ Corruption

Rachel Maddow used Geoff Berman’s new book to expose how Donald Trump corrupted the DOJ.


Maddow said, “We have this increasing public record evidence that when Trump was in charge when he was president when his appointees were running the Justice Department, they really did have a DOJ  gone wild. They really did do everything they could to use federal prosecutors, to use federal law enforcement to help the president’s friends and try to punish his enemies. And right there, they’re accusing everybody else of it now when it’s not happening.”

Trump DOJ also interfered to try to get Individual One removed from the Cohen indictment.

Video of Maddow:

Maddow said:

Trump’s Justice Department tells SDNY not only that they want to evaluate the basis of Cohen’s plea and they want SDNY to stop investigating anybody else who might have been involved in those crimes committed by the Trump campaign to try to cover up evidence of alleged affairs. SDNY also was contacted by Trump’s Justice Department senior officials, and they were told that they needed to get rid of all mentions of individual one in the Michael Cohen indictment.

SDNY said no to that, they resisted. But SDNY officials did take out of the Michael Cohen-related court filings the most direct language they had in those filings saying what role Trump played in those crimes.

Maddow called what Republicans are accusing Biden and Merrick Garland of now projection, which is true, but what Trump and Barr did to the Justice Department was criminal.

There is now proof that Donald Trump corrupted governmental institutions and used the government to help his friends and attack his enemies, and given this context, it is amazing that Attorney General Merrick Garland has been able to right the Justice Department and get it back on the side of the rule of law.

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