Andrew Garfield splits from girlfriend | Entertainment

Andrew Garfield has split from his girlfriend.

The ‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’ actor had been romancing Alyssa Miller since last autumn but the pair have called time on their romance because the 38-year-old star’s work schedule meant it was difficult for him and the Sports Illustrated beauty to spend much time together.

A source told The Sun newspaper: A source said: “Andrew and Alyssa were a really beautiful couple and things were going great at first.

“They were together for quite some time before they went public, but work schedules mean it has been really hard to see each other.

“On top of that it became clear that there were some differences between them and it was decided they are better off apart, for now at least.

“It was disappointing for Andrew because he’d have loved to have shared the excitement of the awards season with someone he loved, but it just wasn’t supposed to be.

“He is keeping his chin up and taking some time for himself after a hectic few months.”

In 2018, Andrew – who has previously dated Emma Stone and Rita Ora – insisted the ideas of the traditional “nuclear family” need to be revisited in the modern world and expressed his belief there are a lot of “seriously misguided” notions around love.

He said: “I do believe in love at first sight but I also believe that you would love absolutely anybody if you knew their story.

“I believe that the modern notion of romantic love is seriously misguided and it creates a lot of problems in our modern world.

“I believe that we need to reevaluate this idea that we have of the nuclear family, this idea that we have of two-point-four children, this idea we have that it’s Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.

“I believe it’s possible for all of us to be in love all the time with ourselves and everyone around us.”

And the ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ star admitted he has an “openness” to a relationship with anyone.

He said: “Up until this point, I’ve only been sexually attracted to women.

“My stance toward life, though, is that I always try to surrender to the mystery of not being in charge.

“I think most people — we’re intrinsically trying to control our experience here, and manage it, and put walls around what we are and who we are.

“I want to know as much of the garden as possible before I pass — I have an openness to any impulses that may arise within me at any time.”