Angel Halos 2 Pack Now Available

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Angel Halos are a great pair of headbands with tiny LED lights all over them.

These lights are very bright and will surely catch anyone’s attention that walks into a dark room.

Angel Halo

Angel Halo

Angel Halos are a great accessory for a Halloween costume or a costume party. Angel Halos are a great gift for a child or a teenager who loves dressing up.

Your little angel will look lovely in this toddler girl’s angel costume. It comes with everything an adorable angel would need, from the gold and white dress to the flared tulle sleeves, angel wings, and fluffy halo. The great thing about this costume is that you can get a lot of mileage out of it. From school plays to religious events, you can use this costume over and over again. And if you want to just have a princess-looking gown, simply remove the wings and the halo, and your child can look like a Grecian goddess.

As soon as the calendar hits October 1, it’s the beginning of spooky season in our book. That means one thing: time to get ready for Halloween! It’s that time of year when you can get creative and be anyone (or anything) you want, like a vampire, mermaid, or your favorite TV show character.

Although scary is synonymous with Halloween, that doesn’t mean your costume has to be all guts and gore. Why not balance out the wickedness with a costume of the heavenly nature? There are tons to choose from, but we especially love DIY unicorn Halloween costume ideas, book character Halloween costumes, or best DIY angel costumes like the ones shown here.

An angel costume is a great option if you need ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes. Procrastinators need not worry, because all you really need to pull off an angelic Halloween look is an all-white ensemble, wings, and a halo, which you can easily DIY yourself with store-bought materials (or you may already have some on hand). As if this sweet costume isn’t simple enough, we’ve rounded up the best DIY angel costumes that you can make at home or have delivered to your door in a just few days (?). There’s an ethereal ensemble here for all ages, from newborns to adults, and it can be as inexpensive or as lavish as your budget allows. Plus, we’ve thrown in an option for those who prefer an edgier, darker look.

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