Anti-Vaxxers Scream Trump Is A Fraud As They Protest Vaccine Mandate At His Restaurant

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Pro-Trump anti-vaxxers screamed Trump is a fraud when showed up at his restaurant and had to show proof of vaccination.


Pro-Trump anti-vaccers showed up at Trump Grill in NYC today after he said he was against vaccine mandates. They were denied service and the police were called. “Trump is a fraud if he’s enforcing this!”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) December 23, 2021

The best part of this video, besides the Trumpers realizing that their messiah is a fraud, is when the anti-vaxxers claim to have reservations at the Trump Grill only to be told by the police that a reservation is not a constitutional right and that they could make ten reservations and it didn’t matter.

You could almost see the light bulb above the guy’s head who said, “If Trump is enforcing this, Trump is a fraud.”

It may have taken this person years to get there, but he seems to have finally gotten it.

Donald Trump is a fraud. He constantly directs his supporters to do one thing while he does the opposite. Trump wasn’t going to have his restaurant shut down because he refused to follow the law.

One would have thought that Trump’s supporters would have caught on when he sent them to the Capitol on 1/6 and didn’t follow along.

But any day where a Trump supporter realizes that they have been conned is a good day for America.

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