What began as a series of conversations between community members and the Appell Center grew into something more – a free arts, crafts, games, and food concert in Kiwanis Lake Park in York City.

Appeal Center’s “Tuned Into York”, due to begin August 14 at 4:00 pm, was born out of discussions with underrepresented communities in York County, said Todd Fogdall, president and CEO of the Appeal Center.

“We as an organization have been thinking about how we will interact with the wider community,” he said. “It’s about getting out of the walls and stepping into the community to share music and performing arts around these types of experiences.”

To learn more about the York County community and the needs of its residents, the Appell Center held one-on-one meetings with color communities and the LGBTQ community.

One of the key points emerging from these sessions is how to make the Appeal Center more accessible and create an environment where everyone feels welcome, Fogdall said.

“This (concert) is one of the first important outcomes of these listening sessions, so to speak,” he added, adding that removing the price barrier for access to entertainment is important in order to improve accessibility.

To find out more about the August concert, visit the event website at https://tunedintoyork.com/ or https://appellcenter.org/.

The very first “Tuned Into York” concert will be performed by RalphReal and the Family Jam, Grupo Exito, Everyperson, the YWCA Temple Guard, DJ Psycho Fobia, LD Legendary and Coco Shantelle.

Games, handicrafts, and food trucks are also offered.

Fogdall said he hoped this was just the beginning of “Tuned Into York,” suggesting it could be turned into an annual music festival.

“For us internally this is a bit of a prototype, but we definitely envision this continuing in the future,” he added.

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