Chandra Wilson, right, appears in a scene from Grey’s Anatomy with Ellen Pompeo. Season 17 airs on ABC on Thursdays.

Chandra Wilson portrays Dr. Miranda Bailey in a scene from the long-running series “Grey’s Anatomy”.

From HILARY FOX Associated Press

LONDON (AP) – In contrast to the main character Meredith, “Grey’s Anatomy” doesn’t fight for his life.

It is the most watched entertainment series for the season so far among young adults on Thursday nights and continues this week’s 17th season. It has not been announced whether there will be an 18th season.

The series, which follows the staff of a Seattle hospital, has offered the support of life to audiences, whether it is an emotional medium or career counseling.

During the pandemic, it also entertained people stuck inside who were watching or rediscovering it for the first time. Viewers have gathered on social media to discuss love, life, or death storylines from the past and older seasons.

Chandra Wilson, an original actor, noticed this trend and has seen old episodes herself – with her daughter.

“If it were up to her, we’d be done with 16 seasons in 16 days,” she laughs. “I’m new to this whole thing.”

Watching old episodes gave her daughter a chance to learn about the similarities between Wilson and her character, Dr. Judging Miranda Bailey.

“I always say that we are really different people for so many reasons, how we talk, how we think, what we say to people,” explains Wilson. “But from my daughter’s point of view, she would say, ‘No, that’s you, that’s you, Ma.'”