As He Faces Potential Criminal Charges, Lindsey Graham Returns To Georgia To Tantrum For Herschel Walker

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As He Faces Potential Criminal Charges, Lindsey Graham Returns To Georgia To Tantrum For Herschel Walker

Sen. Lindsey Graham could be facing potential criminal charges for violating Georgia election laws, so he went to the state to whine for Herschel Walker.

Greg Bluestein of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution tweeted:

Graham’s message: “If we had one more Senator in Washington in the Republican column, I would be the budget chairman, not Bernie Sanders. That is a good trade, Herschel. Trust me.” #gapol #gasen

— Greg Bluestein (@bluestein) October 18, 2022

Lindsey Graham returning to Georgia while prosecutors are investigating him for potentially violating the state’s laws that prohibit election meddling in 2020.

Sen. Graham didn’t have a strong argument for why voters should elect Herschel Walker to the Senate. His reasoning is that even if Herschel Walker is an unfit candidate who should not be anywhere near elected office, he should be elected because it will give Lindsey Graham more power.

Graham’s whining that his vote is being canceled out by the fact that Democrats have the majority in the Senate, and if Georgia voters want to end his tantrum, they need to elect Walker to the US Senate.

Republicans have no good reason for standing with Herschel Walker. At least Graham was honest. It doesn’t matter what Walker did or if he was unfit for office, it wouldn’t matter because Republicans are only interested in power and they will support any candidate who could give them back the majority.

The argument that Sen. Graham offered was a weak tantrum, and it is a reason why the Georgia US senate election, while close, still shows no signs that Herschel Walker is winning.

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