Astros vs. White Sox – Live Game – October 10, 2021

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4th Jiménez achieved on infield single to third, Abreu scored, Grandal to second. 6 9 White Sox 4th Grandal grounded into fielder’s selection to very first, Robert scored on mistake, Abreu to 2nd, Abreu protected at third on throwing error by to start with baseman Gurriel. 6 8 White Sox 4th Abreu singled to shallow heart, Anderson scored, Robert to 3rd. 6 7 Astros 4th Bregman singled to heart, Altuve scored, Brantley to next. 6 6 White Sox 3rd García homered to center (436 feet), Moncada scored and Sheets scored. 5 6 White Sox 3rd Grandal homered to left (359 toes), Robert scored. 5 3 Astros 3rd Tucker homered to remaining (363 toes), Correa scored. 5 1 Astros 2nd Meyers singled to remaining, Tucker scored. 3 1 Astros 2nd Tucker doubled to deep correct middle, Correa scored and Alvarez scored. 2 1 White Sox 1st Jiménez singled to middle, Anderson scored, Grandal to 2nd. 1