‘Babe’ Actor James Cromwell Rescues Baby Pig From Slaughter, Names It In Movie’s Honor

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We were recently moved by the story of one of Hollywood’s most recognizable character actors, James Cromwell. The “Babe” star rescued a baby pig from certain death at a slaughterhouse in New York. The actor is no stranger to animal rights activism and has been very vocal about his support for animal welfare over the years. When he heard about the pig’s fate, he felt compelled to intervene and give the pig a chance at life.

The incident occurred in late 2020 when Cromwell and a group of fellow animal rights activists stormed a pig farm in upstate New York. Cromwell and his group were protesting the farming methods used by the farm and the treatment of the animals. As part of the demonstration, the group entered a slaughterhouse on the farm and began inspecting the animals. It was then that they came across a small, helpless piglet that had been marked for slaughter.

Despite the chaos of the protest, Cromwell was able to take the piglet from the slaughterhouse and proceed to care for it at his own farm. The piglet, who was barely a month old when rescued, was named “Babe” in honor of the 1995 movie that had made Cromwell a household name. Cromwell saw the rescue as a way to draw attention to the inhumane treatment of animals on farms and the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Once the piglet arrived at Cromwell’s farm, it received a full medical check-up and was given a clean bill of health. The actor then set about building a special pen for the pig, with the aim of giving it a comfortable and safe haven in which to live out its days. Cromwell even went so far as to plant a special herb garden for Babe, which he felt would help the pig grow healthily and happily.

Cromwell also decided to give Babe a unique type of diet. Rather than the normal vegetarian diet that most pigs receive, Cromwell chose to feed Babe a vegan diet that he believed would make the pig healthier and happier. He hoped that by doing this, he was setting a great example for others to live a vegan life, and highlighting the benefits of the lifestyle.

The story of Babe’s rescue has garnered attention from around the world. Cromwell has been praised by animal welfare groups for his efforts and outspokenness on the issues surrounding animal rights. Many people have also been inspired by Cromwell’s selfless act, and it has sparked conversations about animal welfare and veganism.

In conclusion, the story of James Cromwell rescuing Babe has been a great inspiration to many people who care about animal welfare. The story draws attention once again to the horrors of the meat industry, and the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect. Cromwell’s decision to rescue Babe and care for it at his own farm is a testament to his commitment to animal welfare and his desire to make the world a better place for all living creatures.