Bad News For Trump As 1/6 Committee Starts Turning Over Records To DOJ On Fake Electors

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1/6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS) told reporters that the Committee has begun to turn over its records to the DOJ on the fake electors.

Scott MacFarlane of CBS tweeted:

Jan 6 Committee chairman Bennie Thompson says the committee has “just started” process of giving access to its records about “fake electors” to US Justice Dept

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) July 13, 2022

Things could go from bad to worse very quickly for Donald Trump and all of his associates as the 1/6 Committee will be sharing its records on the fake elector scheme with the Department of Justice.

Thompson also would not rule out holding more 1/6 Committee hearings, and given the rate that information is being revealed and new witnesses are constantly being interviewed, it makes sense to not close the door on potential new hearings.

For example, there could be a deeper investigation into the role that Republican members of Congress played in the plot to overthrow the government. The Committee is trying to stick to the facts on the events of 1/6, but the fact that the same people who tried to overthrow the government on 1/6 could be in the House majority in January of 2023 deserves some scrutiny.

The news that the 1/6 Committee and the DOJ are cooperating was probably the last thing that the rage-filled Trump needed to hear.


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