Biden ‘a disgrace and a disaster’ on Russia-Ukraine War: Mark Levin

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Mark Levin blasted President Biden as a “disgrace” and “damn fool” for his decisions to put more sanctions on the American oil industry while putting no sanctions on the Russia oil industry as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, on Sunday’s “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

MARK LEVIN: I mean Biden is the so-called Commander-in-Chief. He is a disgrace and disaster. He actually has the Russians negotiating with the Iranians on a nuclear deal with us. What kind of a fool does that I will never know. He puts more sanctions on the American oil industry and no sanctions on the Russian oil industry as I speak. What kind of a fool does that when we can use oil to debilitate the Russian economy, the Putin economy and war machine, rather than debilitate you, Mr. And Mrs. America? 

We do have a damn fool in the White House, there’s no question about that, and we should be muscling up our military for any possibilities, and we’re not, despite spending trillions and trillions of massive debt, we are not muscling up the United States military. Russia, China, Iran, the axis of evil, the real axis of evil that now exists. 

Why does this matter? Because ladies and gentlemen, I personally am sick and tired of hearing the excuses for Putin and the attacks on the United States. That we somehow are going to escalate something. We have been incredibly passive in the face of what Putin is doing. Diplomacy? Diplomacy? Look who the diplomats are. Look at the Secretary of State. He’s pathetic! Look at the National Security Advisor. He’s pathetic! We’ve never had such a pathetic team in modern American history up against true, vile, genocidal maniacs. Xi, the regime in Tehran, and yes the fascist Putin, who’s busy running around and calling the Jewish leader, the president of Ukraine, a Nazi. Think about that. 

What does this have to do with the United States? Do you think Putin is going to be happy with Ukraine, any more than he was happy with Crimea, any more than he was happy with Georgia? He’s told us what he wants to do! You think he’s building hypersonic missiles to attack Kyiv? He’s building hypersonic missiles to get around our defense systems! The way China’s building their Navy and their hypersonic missiles, you think they’re doing that to attack Taiwan? Do you think the Iranians are building Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles to hit Tel Aviv? They don’t need Intercontinental Missiles to hit Tel Aviv! For which they want to put warheads on.

By the time this administration’s done in Washington, the Iranians will have nuclear missiles, China will have conquered Taiwan, and Russia may well be marching into other countries.