BROWARD COUNTY, Fla., February 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bido Announces New Hip-Hop EP, Narcotics, Out via The Orchard (Sony Music) Entertainment). Benjamin Bido, also known as Bido, is an anomaly.


The 18 year oldSouth Florida-whiz-kid has been writing and making angry beats since the tender age of seven. According to him, he had no choice in this matter. Creating is always just something he does. Bido’s compulsive work ethic paid off recently when Sony subsidiary The Orchard tracked him down to join forces. The sales-focused outfit doesn’t play games as it has catapulted numerous indie artists into the mainstream: T-Pain, 21 Savage, BTS, and Flipp Dinero, to name a few.

Bido was obsessed with hip hop at an unusually young age and made it his business to master the art of the beat. He now wears all musical hats with authority. He writes, produces, designs, and markets his brand (Bidoway Inc.) on a shocking pro level. Nowadays every young rapper wants / has to be his own producer. Unfortunately this has given way to a rush of fringe rappers who often rely on style over substance. Bido has loot for days, but his writing has a self-deprecating arrogance that makes him completely unique. Its cerebral depth cannot be denied lyrically.

If you listen to Bido’s latest dark adventure, Narcotics, you’ll quickly find that his pun is refined, cavernous, and well beyond his years. In a world where most youngins move financially, Bido has little to no time for it. No title on the EP exceeds the 2:41 minute mark. Bido goes in hard and gets out quickly. He will not waste your time, nor can his time be wasted.

On the EP single “Narcotics”, Bido’s bars are so masterly that it’s easy to miss his singing voice. His vocal dexterity and attack blend elements of reggeaton, dancehall and futuristic trap. He hits hard and fast, but always softens the blow with his nimble vocal approach. It’s a mind-boggling listening experience. Now enter the production (mostly made by Bido itself). Throw picture Frank Sinatras Put old bones, R&B, merengue, salsa, bachata, hip-hop and Billie Eilish in a saucepan and simmer on low. The melodies are cinematic, romantic and haunting, but everything perfectly justified by Bido’s sharp choice in rugged beats.

On the Narcotics series, Bido proclaims that mental health comes first; Second, money and fame. He is fully aware that success begins in himself. Nevertheless, he remains cautiously ambitious.



About BIDO

Diverse South FloridaThe artist-based artist Bido is a mix of conventional hip-hop paired with a contemporary trap flair. His fully audible and engaging productions are paired with transparent, believable themes of growing up that quickly shift from moments in the sun to harrowing inner thoughts about survival. With an unwavering self-drive, Bido is poised to lead the Gen-Z era of hip-hop and the experimental trap.

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