Bill Maher Goes MAGA And Defends Ivermectin

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Invoice Maher claimed that Ivermectin is obtaining knocked by the still left and sounded far more and extra like Trump.

Video clip of Maher speaking about Ivermectin: out?v=FRG4xeXs54o

Maher stated, “On the left, it was like oh, no, you can not even point out it…The comedians on the remaining would only discuss about the actuality that it was utilised to deworm horses leaving out that it has been recommended hundreds of thousands of situations for people. Now, there was a research accomplished, a big client review in Brazil claimed that Ivermectin had no impact by any means. But, do you know what? There is always several scientific studies. I really do not know. Medical practitioners are also wrong a good deal about sh*t.”

We know Ivermectin doesn’t function for the reason that it is a parasite treatment, and COVID is a virus.

It is basic science.

Bill Maher defending Ivermectin is not shocking. Maher has increasingly slid into MAGAness for yrs. From his misogyny to his racism and Islamaphobia, the HBO host has been drifting right for a pretty lengthy time.

As a public well being warning, it is crucial to observe that the science is not incorrect. Ivermectin is not a COVID cure. The greatest way to steer clear of dying from COVID is to get vaccinated.

The horse dewormer will not get the job done, and on Ivermectin, Invoice Maher seems a large amount like Donald Trump.

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