Blizzard Entertainment Hiring for Unannounced AAA Multiplayer Project

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Blizzard is currently hard at work on several major games. The two biggest are obviously Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2, but work continues on World of Warcraft as well as smaller titles like Diablo Immortal, too. But Blizzard is a large enough studio that it can manage all of these major projects while also working on something secret, too. That appears to be the case, as a recently published Blizzard job listing confirms that an unannounced “AAA multiplayer” project is currently in development.


The Blizzard job listing in question is for a Lead Content Designer. The title of the job listing makes clear that it’s for an “Unannounced Project,” so applicants will need to reach a certain point in the process before even learning what the game they’ll be working on is. Blizzard’s core characterization of the game is that it’s a “AAA multiplayer project,” but it does offer some more specific hints about the game in the listing’s more granular expectations.

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What’s perhaps most exciting is that the Blizzard job listing asks for experience in “designing and scripting open world or emergent gameplay content,” and specifically for AAA multiplayer games, at that. Suffice to say, an open-world AAA multiplayer game is a very exciting premise. World of Warcraft and Diablo 4 both technically meet that description, but Blizzard would certainly mention those directly if the job was related.

blizzard lead content designer unannounced project

Other details listed as tasks for the Blizzard Lead Content Designer position include the creation of a “cohesive vision” for “spawning encounters, world events, and environmental storytelling.” Another listed responsibility says, “Spawn and script creatures to create convincing ambient behavior and interesting combat encounters. These are design elements often used for open-world games, with MMOs standing out most prominently. The “ambient behavior” description, in particular, implies that there will be mobs wandering around an open world waiting for the player to initiate an encounter.

It’s difficult not to speculate at what the new Blizzard project could be. Whether it be a new MMO, a new Diablo title like a follow-up to Diablo 2: Resurrected, an open-world multiplayer shooter like Blizzard has experimented with before, another Blizzard franchise, or an entirely new IP, it’s exciting to consider the possibilities.

This isn’t the first time this unannounced Blizzard AAA multiplayer game has been revealed in the studio’s job listings. Multiple such job listings have been mentioned throughout 2021. Those other job listings, if they refer to the same project, reveal that the game is an FPS with RPG mechanics. An official announcement is likely some time away, potentially years, so Blizzard fans will have to be patient until more details are shared or leaked.

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