The Bakersfield Museum is ready for a party like 2019. It may not be impressive, but it was the year the museum celebrated the most-attended overtime on an after-dark art that Pride celebrated. After being virtualized last year, Pride events have become more daring than ever with drug shows, poetry performances, collaborative art projects, cocktails, and music.

Curator Rachel Magnus said Pride was added to the museum’s calendar of events three years ago in order to reach a diverse audience.

“We saw it as an opportunity to unite the community…. We wanted to establish the museum as one of the inclusions. “

Many of BMoA’s community partners are part of the LBG TQ community, so it was easy to plan something that the guests would enjoy and also support other creative people.

“There’s so much passion in this community that people are looking for different ways to connect with it.”

The 2019 event drew around 500 attendees in the evening, but this time Magnus limited attendance to 400 people, split between the museum and sculpture garden, and most of the activities took place outdoors. Said it will be done.

Magnus points out that the evening event is not strictly structured and does not have to appear at 7 p.m.

“Art After Dark is organized in such a way that anyone who comes can attend the event as they please and can come and go naturally.”

“Whenever I arrive, I feel like I am entering an energetic event. Things always happen. “

Expect a drug show from Justin Salinas, the owner of Cake it with Justin and a competitive bakery that starred on HBO Max’s “Baketopia” and Food Networks “Christmas Cookie Challenge”. He also co-sponsored Gimme Some Shuga on the WOW Presents Plus streaming network with RuPaul’s drag race participant Shuga Cain.

The show includes local drug artists Mattie Meow, Shaleah Moore, Ayla K Divas, Kamryn Moore-Fierce and Amber Dior Monroe.

In the evenings, a local poet reads original works on gender, sexuality and queer identity. Cast are Mateo Lara, Blue Charles Henry, Shelby Pinkham and Stephen Sanchez.

The music is curated all night long on a DJ set by “Fan’s Favorite” Blaze.

LUVSPUN has a special selection of artisanal cotton candy that is spun while you wait and a Pride-style glitter bomb for cocktails.

Speaking of fun seed drinks: Mookley Marie sells two cocktails. Try rainbows and sparkle with vodka and fresh watermelon. A loud and proud bourbon punch, sweetened with honey.

Both are made under the brands (Tom of Finland Vodka and Puncher’s Chance Bourbon) by Wolf Spirits Distillery, which is sponsoring the event with Moneywise Wealth Management and Alderman Andrae Gonzales.

Moo Creamery also offers Free to Be Me, non-alcoholic watermelon lemonade, and some beer options.

Sexuality & Gender Diversity Center, Bakersfield LGBTQ +, Sandstone Goods will provide resources and products.

A pride-inspired installation by the House of Flowers and a collaborative art project create the atmosphere.

Magnus said he would turn the garden corner gate into a simple installation where guests could write a message reflecting what this celebration of pride meant. You can then add the ribbon to your ad.

Students on this year’s ArtWorks program will help manage the project and operate a body painting station.

“If they don’t show up in their clothes with enough pride, they can sparkle,” said Magnus of the station, which features a glittering design and various flags for the LGBTQ community.

According to Magnus, the proposed dress code is “party dress”.

“It’s about personal expression, but I think you celebrate your pride best.”

Art After Dark takes place in the museum on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., with an admission price of $ 5 for 1930 R cents.

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