Body Doubling for ADHD: What is it and how can it help your productivity?

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Body Doubling for ADHD: How It Can Help You Boost Your Productivity

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. People with ADHD have trouble with sustained attention, organizing and prioritizing tasks, and completing daily activities. This can lead to decreased productivity and increased stress levels. One popular strategy that has been found to help many people with ADHD is body doubling. In this article, we’ll explore what body doubling is, how it works, and how it can help you boost your productivity.

What is Body Doubling?

Body doubling is a technique where a person with ADHD works alongside another person who is simply present to offer support and accountability. The idea behind this technique is that having someone present and focused on their own work can help the ADHD person stay on task, reduce distractibility, and maintain their focus.

The body double can be anyone the ADHD person feels comfortable with, such as a friend, family member, or coworker. It can also be a professional body double, such as an executive coach, a productivity coach, or a therapist. The supportive person’s role is to provide a non-judgmental presence and support the ADHD person by remaining focused on their own work. The focus of the body double helps keep the ADHD person on task and reduces temptation for distractions.

How Does Body Doubling Work?

Body doubling works by creating a structured environment that supports ADHD persons to stay on task. When the person with ADHD is working, their body double is also present in the same room, focusing on their own work.

During the work session, the ADHD person is less likely to fall prey to their typical distractions, such as phone alerts, social media, or other non-work related tasks. As the ADHD person focuses on their work, they may become more aware of the urge to become distracted. Being reminded of the focused atmosphere of the environment, as the body double concentrates on their own work, provides a sense of accountability and additional motivation.

The presence of the body double helps keep the ADHD person engaged, increasing productivity, and enhancing their ability to complete the task. The body double doesn’t review the work of ADHD person, and provides no critical feedback. Their role is simply to be a presence of support and encouragement.

Benefits of Body Doubling

Body doubling has been found to help ADHD persons in a number of ways. Research has shown that it can help to reduce distractibility, improve focus, enhance productivity, and increase motivation. One way body doubling can increase motivation is by helping participants experience the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a task while demonstrating to themselves that they can sustain their focus for a period of time.

The positive effects of body doubling can spill over to other areas of life, such as household tasks, studying, or goal setting. As persons with ADHD develop better focus and concentration, they may develop new behavioral routines that support their long term goals. They may experience greater success in daily life and have a profound sense of gratification that boosts personal confidence and abilities.

One study found that body doubling combined with cognitive-behavioral therapy had a significant impact on ADHD symptoms. The participants showed a reduction in distractibility, an improvement in task performance, and reduced levels of impulsiveness.

Body doubling can also help those with ADHD who find it difficult to start a project, stay with it, or then complete it. When paired with other strategies such as time management, prioritization, and goal-setting, body doubling can enhance task completion, creating a sense of achievement and goal attainment.


Body doubling can be an effective strategy for people with ADHD who struggle to complete their work and stay focused. By incorporating a supportive partner, participants can stay motivated and accountable to their work. Additionally, body doubling can offer people with ADHD the benefits that come with working in a structured, focused, and accountable environment.

Whether you decide to use a friend, family member, or a professional coach as your body double, the technique has proven to be a powerful tool in helping people with ADHD improve their productivity and achieve their goals. If you have ADHD and are struggling to stay focused on your work, consider giving body doubling a try.