Bowen Yang Does Hilarious ‘SNL’ Take On An Oompa Loompa Coming Out

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“Oh my God,” suggests Yang. “You just outed me on national tv.”

All Yang desired to do was browse a push statement about the Oompa Loompa crew going on strike simply because of horrible working ailments at Wonka’s chocolate manufacturing unit.

“Now I guess I gotta get in touch with my mother and father,” he says. “They reside in Loompa-land. It’s not as progressive as here. They like just got ‘Will & Grace.’ It’s gonna be a dialogue.”

He attempts to get on with his assertion, but some of the descriptions abruptly look a bit way too titillating.

“This twink Wonka or Twonka may glimpse as yummy as lickable wallpaper, but make no slip-up, he is …” he commences once more to go through. “You know what? Actually, Colin, you just did me a substantial favor, for the reason that now I can be straightforward — about completely every little thing.”

Check out it out in the movie clip previously mentioned.

Yang also experienced an appealing consider on his participation in “bug day” at a center university, which can be seen listed here: