Britney Spears ‘rejects MTV VMA invite over scheduling clash’ | Entertainment

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Britney Spears has reportedly rejected an invite to the MTV Video Music Awards.

The 40-year-old pop star and Sir Elton John have topped the charts in the more than 40 countries around the world with their new single ‘Hold Me Closer’ – but Britney won’t be among the audience at the award show in New Jersey on Sunday (08.28.22).

The blonde beauty – who won her long-running conservatorship battle last year – received an invite to the ceremony, according to TMZ. However, Britney was forced to reject the opportunity because of a scheduling conflict that keeps her in Los Angeles.

Despite this, Britney and Elton are planning to make a music video for ‘Hold Me Closer’. But, at the moment, it’s unclear whether they will actually appear in the video themselves.

Meanwhile, Elton recently suggested that their new single could help to boost Britney’s confidence.

The chart-topping icon believes the single could have a transformative impact on the singer.

He said: “She’s been away so long – there’s a lot of fear there because she’s been betrayed so many times and she hasn’t really been in the public eye officially for so long. We’ve been holding her hand through the whole process, reassuring her that everything’s gonna be alright.”

Elton believes the single could also help Britney to understand the “love” and “care” that fans have for her.

He explained: “I’m so excited to be able to do it with her because if it is a big hit, and I think it may be, it will give her so much more confidence than she’s got already and she will realise that people actually love her and care for her and want her to be happy. That’s all anybody in their right mind would want after she went through such a traumatic time.”