Cargo Pants Made From Chipotle Napkins Now Exist

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Apparently, Chipotle Mexican Grill isn’t lying when it says sustainability is a priority. 

The brand recently revealed its latest project, which was to reuse and recycle their recognizable brown napkins into a pair of cargo pants. 

According to a report from Food & Wine, the Mexican food chain partnered with Nicole McLaughlin for the project, a designer who has been dubbed “the internet’s favorite upcycle designer” with over 800K Instagram followers. She previously made a suitcase out of old winter jackets, a pair of shorts out of Legos, and even an underwear set out of Canon camera straps. 

In her new collaboration with Chipotle, McLaughlin was commissioned to make cargo pants out of the restaurant chain’s napkins—and she definitely delivered. 

The napkins were transformed into a stylish pair of cargo pants, with zip-off legs to change them into shorts. 

As the outlet reported, the idea for the napkin-turned-pants originated from a joke on social media, much like the recently created lemonade-scented candle in the shape of the chain’s iconic water cups as a play on customers who fill the free water cups with lemonade. 

After Chipotle posted a photoshopped image of Deluxe Napkin Shorts (Hand Wash Only) on Instagram back in 2021, the product was quickly added to the Chipotle Burrito Building Experience on the video game Roblox and “quickly became one of Chipotle’s most popular virtual items on the platform,” the brand’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt stated, per Food & Wine. 

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He also noted that the real-life napkin cargo zip-off pants were inspired by the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

“With our commitment to sustainable food and fashion, Nicole was the perfect partner to help bring the ‘Napkin Cargo Pants’ to life tastefully and responsibly,” he reportedly added. 

The official Chipotle Instagram account shared photos of the pants earlier in the week, alongside a video of McLaughlin’s process of sewing the napkins together. 

“Chipotle napkins upcycled into cargo pants by the one and only @NicoleMcLaughlin. Please don’t wipe your ✋ on these. #ChipotlePartner.” 

McLaughlin also shared the photos to her own page, where she joked, “wipe your hands on your pants!” 

Unfortunately, Chipotle is not putting the pants up for sale, nor are they being given away as part of a contest, making your only chance at scoring a pair of these to create them yourself. 

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