Chris Hayes Exposes The ‘Cruelty At The Core’ Of The GOP

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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Friday examined how the political right is “cultivating nastiness as a political virtue.”

As an alternative of “virtue-signaling,” Hayes suggested in a section about the “cruelty at the core” of the Republican Occasion that ideal-wingers were now embracing “vice signaling.”

″‘Look at me, I’m a loud, ostentatious jerk’ is ever more what it indicates to be a suitable-wing politician in America these days,” he posited.

Hayes pointed out various scenarios of Republicans shamelessly making an attempt to journey out scandals, expressing: “The capacity to make people today believe that that’s all nonsense, or possibly that it is true and they do not care because you are sticking your finger in the eye of them, that is the hazardous political superpower that all of these men and women are desperate to create.”

Watch Hayes’ monologue in this article: