Chuck Todd Uses Meet The Press To Host 2020 Election Deniers

Chuck Todd didn’t push back as Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) refused to say that President Biden was legitimately elected.


Transcript via Meet The Press:


Do you believe you were elected fair and square in 2020?


You know, absolutely I do. I think Kansas has some of the tightest election laws in the land. We went back and looked at that to make sure that it was a safe and fair election. So proud of our secretary of state, so proud of our county clerks and those people that volunteer, checking the IDs to make sure that every person got one vote. Just really proud of how Kansas could do it. Other states can look and see how Kansas does it.


And do you believe that Joe Biden was elected fair and square?


You know, Joe Biden was sworn into office. I called him Mr. President since the day he was —


You didn’t answer the question.


– sworn in. I still remain concerned about election – I still remain concerned about election integrity. I think that we need to go back and look at what — did the states obey their own laws? Did they obey their own constitution?

Did Chuck Todd point out the absurdity of Marshall claiming that he was legitimately elected, but Joe Biden wasn’t?


Did Todd pushback on or make Marshall justify his “concerns” about election integrity?

Not at all.

Todd’s weak pointing out that Marshall didn’t answer the question is an example of how the mainstream media is allowing Republicans to attack and sabotage democracy.

Todd shouldn’t be giving Marshall a platform, and if he does, Chuck Todd needs to debunk election lies.

Anything less helps Republicans sabotage democracy.

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