CNN’s New Leaders Try to Move On From Chris Licht’s Stormy Tenure

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CNN has had a rough few years, with controversies surrounding some of their top executives, including Chris Licht. Licht, who previously served as the executive producer of CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” was brought on at CNN in 2018 to lead the network’s programming efforts. However, his tenure was marked by turmoil, with reports of a toxic work environment and accusations of sexual harassment.

After Licht’s departure, CNN’s new leaders have been working hard to move the network forward and put the past behind them. They are taking steps to improve the work environment and culture at CNN, as well as focusing on strengthening the network’s programming.

One of the first changes that CNN’s new leaders made was to bring in a new executive team. This team includes veteran CNN executive Amy Entelis, who was promoted to executive vice president for talent and content development, and Michael Bass, who was hired as the network’s new executive vice president for programming.

Entelis and Bass are working together to restructure CNN’s programming and focus on creating innovative content that resonates with viewers. They are also working to improve the work environment at CNN, with a focus on creating a workplace culture that is inclusive and respectful.

CNN’s new leaders are also paying close attention to the network’s ratings. Over the past few years, CNN has struggled in the ratings, particularly in prime time. In response, the network is looking to change its programming strategy and focus on creating shows that appeal to a broader audience.

One of CNN’s biggest challenges is keeping up with the fast-changing media landscape. As more and more people consume news and information on social media and other platforms, CNN must find new ways to reach viewers and stay relevant.

To that end, CNN is investing heavily in digital content. The network is launching a new direct-to-consumer streaming service, CNN+, which will offer a variety of live and on-demand programming. CNN is also focusing on creating content specifically for social media and other digital platforms.

Another key focus for CNN’s new leaders is diversity and inclusion. In recent years, the network has faced criticism for its lack of diversity, particularly in leadership positions. CNN is now working to address this issue and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

The network recently announced a new initiative called CNN Diversity & Inclusion, which will work to increase diversity across all areas of the network, including talent, production, and leadership. The initiative will also work to create a more inclusive workplace culture, with a focus on mentoring and career development for underrepresented groups.

Overall, CNN’s new leaders are focused on moving the network forward and improving its reputation. They are taking steps to address the issues that plagued the network in the past, from a toxic work environment to a lack of diversity. By focusing on creating innovative programming, investing in digital content, and creating a more inclusive workplace culture, CNN’s new leaders are working hard to ensure the network’s success in the years ahead.