Corbin City Commission considers downtown entertainment district | Local News

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CORBIN — The Corbin City Commission discussed a proposal of an entertainment district in downtown Corbin during its special-called meeting on Tuesday.

The commission heard from Corbin Tourism Director Maggy Monhollen, who proposed the entertainment district in downtown Corbin, similar to ones just recently passed by Richmond and Somerset. The district would allow for festivals and events to have alcohol that can be brought out onto the streets and around the area during specified events, with the borders of the district being fenced off and stationed by officers.

The plan would allow for alcohol at certain events, while also giving the commission final say on what events can or cannot have open alcohol. Mayor Suzie Razmus expressed a desire to keep a festival like Nibroc alcohol-free.

The commission was not able to vote on the proposition at the time of proposal, but seemed receptive to the idea, though several members expressed interest in adding more specific language that would allow for the growing or shrinking of the district depending on the event, and other regulatory measures.

The meeting began with next to no issues, with the committee quickly approving of the May bills for payment, the minutes from the May 16 regular meeting, ratifying the mayor’s signature on resolution 2022-6 that would update costs on the new proposed park in the town and hiring Eric Bryant as a full-time dispatcher.

The simple consensus came to a halt, however, when the board was presented with four new board appointments to the Board of Adjustments, City Utilities Commission, Tourism Board and Corbin Industrial Development Board.

The members for the Board of Adjustments, Tourism Board and Corbin Industrial Development Board were not new members, and thus approved with minimal conflict, but issues arose surrounding Bill Storms’ appointment to the City Utility Commission, which would see him replace Terry Joe Martin.

Members of the board expressed concern that, while not holding anything against Storms, they believed Martin had done well with his position and didn’t agree with the decision to remove him from the board against his wishes.

Despite discussion in favor of the move, the appointment of Storms failed as it received no second motion, officially killing the proposition.

The board moved on to approve the worker’s compensation policy for the upcoming fiscal year as well as resolution 2022-7, which authorized the filing of House Bill (HB-1) project grant application for up to $2,500,000 in funds for the Corbin Arena and Corbin Center.

City commissioner Allison Moore proposed that the group pass over on the discussions and approvals of the London-Corbin Airport’s request to increase their upcoming budget and the Corbin Industrial Development Commission’s request to do the same.

Moore expressed that the decisions should be talked about by the Budget Committee, which is set to meet before the next agenda meeting, before the board makes any decision on the matter.

The board also agreed to authorize city attorney Bob Hammons to take action on the properties located on 603 6th Street, 5 Gilliam Street and 15 Fairview Avenue from code enforcement officer Mike Watkins for demolition.