Trying to understand COVID-19

I’ve written hundreds of stories about the coronavirus, but I’m no closer than a year ago to understanding why half of those infected have little or no symptoms and others die.

This has now happened in my family. A few weeks ago my aunt was taken to the hospital after she fell. Before she had surgery, she was given a COVID-19 test, which she failed.

With a frail 88, she would be a prime candidate for a terrible COVID result. Instead, she had no symptoms. Her sons weren’t so lucky.

My cousin Todd died on New Years Eve. His brother Scott died a week later.

She and her sister and I and my siblings were inseparable as children.

As adults we went our separate ways and, like cousins ​​often, joked that we only saw each other at weddings and funerals.

And now there isn’t even that.

– Luanne Rife

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