Covid Omicron variant spreads around the world: Live updates

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Most of the public continues to take precautions to guard against the risks of Covid-19 and nearly 4 in 10 Americans think they’ll continue doing so for the foreseeable future, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS.

More than half, 55%, say the risk of coronavirus remains high enough that they think it is still necessary to take extra precautions in their everyday lives. Thirty-eight percent anticipate they’ll continue taking these extra precautions going forward, with just 17% believing they’ll eventually feel safe enough to return to their pre-pandemic habits. Another 45% say they already feel safe enough to carry out everyday life largely the way it was before the pandemic, up from 36% in a survey conducted in August and early September.

This divide in Americans’ approaches to Covid mirrors a broader rift in views of how the nation should be handling the pandemic, the poll finds. Those still taking precautions also largely favor mitigation policies put in place by the government or other institutions: 72% believe the government has a role to play in limiting the spread of Covid-19, 70% consider vaccination requirements an acceptable way of raising vaccination rates and 74% favor mask requirements in public indoor spaces.

Among the smaller share who’ve returned to their pre-pandemic normal, 66% consider vaccination requirements an infringement on personal rights, 82% believe mask-wearing should be optional and 65% believe that the government cannot effectively limit the spread of the virus.

The dwindling minority who remain unvaccinated are the least likely to say they’re factoring the pandemic into their lives in other ways. Two-thirds of unvaccinated adults say that they’re not currently taking any precautions against coronavirus, compared with 39% of those who’ve been vaccinated.

The results come amid widespread but ebbing concerns about the virus. A 62% majority of Americans still say they’re at least somewhat worried about the coronavirus pandemic in their communities — 22% say they’re very worried, down from 41% in a poll taken in August and early September. Roughly 62% of Americans say the pandemic was a factor for them in making holiday plans this year, but only 30% call it a major factor. Even among those who say they’re currently taking Covid precautions, fewer than half say that the pandemic was a major factor in their plans.

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