Creating a world class destination: Riverworks invests millions into entertainment space

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Creating a World Class Destination: Riverworks Invests Millions into Entertainment Space

There has been a lot of talk lately about the growth of urban revitalization, and for good reason. More and more people are flocking to cities for their convenience and entertainment options. In order to remain attractive to residents and visitors alike, cities must continually innovate and enhance their offerings. One of the most exciting new developments in this regard is the investment of millions of dollars by Riverworks into a brand new entertainment space. This space promises to be a world-class destination that will attract visitors from far and wide.

So, what exactly is Riverworks, and what are they doing to make this space so special? Riverworks is an entertainment and events company that has been operating in Buffalo, New York for over a decade. They are known for providing unique experiences and hosting a wide variety of cultural and athletic events. Their latest endeavor is the creation of a 60,000 square foot indoor entertainment complex that will feature a variety of activities and amenities.

One of the most exciting features of the new complex will be the beer garden, which will be located on a rooftop terrace overlooking the Buffalo River. This area will feature a variety of craft beers, along with outdoor seating and games such as cornhole and giant Jenga. The space will be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of events, from concerts to weddings.

Another highlight of the complex is the indoor roller derby track, which will be the first of its kind in Western New York. Roller derby has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and Riverworks is capitalizing on that trend by creating a state-of-the-art facility that will host both amateur and professional competitions. In addition, the facility will be equipped to host a variety of other sports, including basketball, volleyball, and futsal.

Of course, no entertainment complex would be complete without a full-service restaurant and bar, and Riverworks is delivering on that front as well. The restaurant will feature a menu of locally-sourced ingredients and a variety of craft cocktails, and will be open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. The bar will have a wide selection of beers, spirits, and wines, as well as several big screen TVs for sports fans.

All of these amenities are impressive on their own, but what truly sets Riverworks apart is the attention to detail that they have put into the design of the space. The complex will be housed in a former grain elevator that has been renovated to preserve its historic charm while also incorporating modern updates. One of the most impressive features of the building is the 35-foot-tall beer tanks that have been installed on the exterior of the building. These tanks not only serve as eye-catching decorations, but they also provide a storage space for the beer that will be served in the beer garden.

The complex is also designed to be environmentally sustainable, with features such as a green roof, energy-efficient HVAC systems, and a water treatment plant. Visitors can feel good about supporting a business that is committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

So, what does all of this investment in entertainment space mean for the city of Buffalo? For starters, it will create jobs and stimulate economic growth. The complex is expected to employ over 100 people, and will attract visitors from outside the region who will spend money at local hotels, restaurants, and shops. It will also contribute to the city’s reputation as an up-and-coming destination for entertainment and events.

But beyond the economic impact, Riverworks is also contributing to the cultural fabric of the city. By providing a venue for a diverse array of activities and events, they are helping to build a strong and vibrant community that celebrates its uniqueness and creativity. They are creating a space where people can come together to have fun, make memories, and connect with one another.

In conclusion, the investment that Riverworks has made in creating a world-class entertainment space is a testament to their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community-building. The complex promises to be a destination that will attract visitors from near and far, and will contribute to the economic and cultural growth of the city of Buffalo. We look forward to seeing the impact that this new development will have on the region and beyond.