Darius Campbell Danesh’s cause of death revealed | Entertainment

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Darius Campbell Danesh’s cause of death has been revealed.

The 41-year-old singer and actor died after inhaling chloroethane – also known as ethyl chloride – which is an anesthetic that can be used recreationally, with “suffocation” also contributing to his demise.

His death has been ruled an accident by the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office

Danesh was found dead at his home in the Berkman apartment building, opposite the Mayo Clinic specialist treatment facility on August 11.

A statement previously released by his family said local police had found “no signs of intent or suspicious circumstances”.

Meanwhile, Darius was laid to rest in his hometown of Bearsden, Glasgow, at the end of August, with his close friend Gerard Butler among the mourners.

Gerard paid a lengthy tribute to his “dear friend” following his shock death.

The ‘300’ star wrote on Instagram: “I am devastated by the sudden passing of my dear friend Darius, a true brother in arms. My thoughts and love go to his wonderful mum and dad Avril and Booth and his two brilliant brothers Aria and Cyrus.

“To those lucky enough to have met Darius for more than a few minutes, they were deeply moved by his infectious laugh and barely containable zest for life. He was always armed with a smile, a booming voice, and a genuinely warm embrace that few could resist-nor would they want to!!! He was an incredible talent, a singer whose voice touched your soul and an actor with great presence. But, most importantly, he had the heart of a lion. It was bigger and brighter than the sun and an energy so contagious he could light up a room in seconds.

“Our boy Darius was always constant and unwavering in his passion for life. But a bigger constant was his dream to inspire others to better themselves. He talked the talk but boy, did he walk the walk. He had such purity of thought, a deep wisdom and constant gratitude for people, for life, a compassion towards all. His hilarious self-deprecating sense of humor (he was funny as s***) allowed him to stay humble – something he valued deeply. Darius’ undying commitment to being of service to individuals- his family, his friends (none more so than me) and to the world at large made him the perfect friend- He led by example but he was also a teacher, as he pushed those he loved to be the best possible versions of themselves. (sic)”