DC Entertainment Confirms All of James Gunn’s Projects Are Moving Forward

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In the past few weeks, Warner Bros. Discovery‘s shakeup with DC Entertainment projects have caused great confusion amongst fans and those internally.

It is now unclear to the public what projects will continue since the newly formed company has shown that it is capable of shelving projects including Batgirl. While the studio has now declared that a new 10-year plan is currently in development for the DC Extended Universe. According to the Hollywood Reporter to the announcement, Warner had suggested that films based on Supergirl, Green Lantern Corps and Static Shock expected in the next few years.” However, with production and development currently slowed at the studio, there does not appear to be much sign of moving forward with these features.

Though that is the case, the studio has provided assurance that multiple beloved projects from the DC world will be safe. Of those that are considered to still be in development, “multiple” James Gunn‘s projects including season two of Peacemaker. While there has not been additional information regarding which projects, it is confirmed that there is more coming from Gunn for the DC world. Additionally, Blue Beetle has also been given the green light for an August 2023 release date. Stay tuned for more information.

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