Democrats Hammer Mitch McConnell For Sabotaging The Economy To Stop Joe Biden

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Senate Democrats are calling out Mitch McConnell for making use of financial debt ceiling sabotage to stop President Biden.


Senator Mitch McConnell is making an attempt to force the first-ever default of the United States

Simply because he is 100% focused on halting the Biden administration—no matter who will get hurt

— Senate Democrats (@SenateDems) September 16, 2021

The Democrats mentioned:

Republicans led by Senator McConnell show up intent on pushing The usa towards a 1st-ever, catastrophic default that they know would be a “disaster,” pushing our financial system back toward a recession, hurting every single American. The credit card debt ceiling demands to be suspended to spend the payments from present programs, together with those that passed with Republican support, after extra than $8 trillion in new credit card debt was additional in the course of the Trump administration. Republicans know their actions could direct to critical injury to our financial state – maybe which include canceled or delayed Social Stability checks and shell out for our navy – but they are pushing us to the first-ever default because, as Senator McConnell mentioned earlier this calendar year, 100% percent of their aim is on halting the Biden administration.

President Biden’s designs are profitable. They are well-known with voters and pretty harming to Republican election hopes in 2022. Mitch McConnell is making an attempt to use the credit card debt ceiling to wreck the financial system and harm President Biden.

What has adjusted given that the Obama yrs is that Democrats count on practically nothing less from McConnell than what he is undertaking, and they are calling him out for his un-American sabotage.

Mitch McConnell didn’t treatment about credit card debt when Trump was president, and this future hike of the debt ceiling was triggered by Trump and McConnell’s reckless shelling out.

Democrats are not playing game titles, and Mitch McConnell won’t get a no cost go on his effort to ruin the economy.

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