Dennis Rodman’s Son Transfers To USC, Joins Bronny James

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In a surprising move, the son of former NBA star Dennis Rodman has transferred to the University of Southern California (USC) and is set to join the team alongside LeBron James Jr., also known as Bronny James.

D.J. Rodman, a 6-foot-6 wing player, spent his freshman season at Washington State University before electing to leave the program this past March. He had made a name for himself as a reliable player, starting all but one of the Cougars’ 30 games and averaging 10.4 points and 4.1 rebounds per game.

Rodman’s decision to transfer to the Trojans was met with plenty of anticipation, as USC is already stacked with talented high school prospects and returning college players. Rodman joins a slew of high-profile newcomers that include five-star guard Devin Askew, four-star forward Harrison Hornery, and four-star guard Malik Thomas.

For Rodman, making the move to USC was a no-brainer. “I wanted to play where there was more of a winning culture,” he stated in an interview. “I knew I had a better opportunity to do that at USC than at Washington State.”

Rodman also mentioned that his conversations with USC head coach Andy Enfield played a big role in his decision, noting that Enfield made him feel wanted and welcomed. “Coach Enfield talked to me about the program, he talked to me about the players, and he talked to me about how much he believes in my potential,” Rodman added.

Rodman is expected to make an immediate impact for the USC Trojans, who are looking to reach new heights after a promising season last year. The team made it to the NCAA tournament and won their first-round game against Drake, but ultimately fell to Gonzaga in the second round.

Rodman’s addition to the USC roster is a huge win for the program, as he brings a unique set of skills that can help the team in both offense and defense. He is a versatile player who can shoot from beyond the arc, drive to the basket, and play lockdown defense on opposing players.

For Rodman, the opportunity to play alongside Bronny James is also an exciting prospect. James is the eldest son of LeBron James, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Bronny James is an up-and-coming star in his own right and has already garnered plenty of attention for his on-court skills.

Rodman and James are both part of the talented Class of 2023, which means they will likely spend the next few years playing together and developing their skills. They both have a tremendous upside and could be key players for USC in the years to come.

As the Trojan’s prepare for the upcoming season, Rodman is focused on helping his team achieve their ultimate goal of winning a national championship. He believes that USC has the talent and the potential to make a deep run in the tournament, and he is eager to contribute to the team’s success.

Overall, Rodman’s transfer to USC and inclusion in the Trojans’ team alongside Bronny James is an exciting development for college basketball fans. Both players have the talent, skills, and potential to make a big impact in the sport, and it will be fascinating to see how they develop over the next few years. For USC, the addition of Rodman is a huge boon, as he brings a level of experience, versatility, and skill that can help the team go far.