Denton Black Film Festival Goes Virtual, Packed With Entertainment – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

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The Denton Black Film Festival 2022 has eight years of growth behind it.

“We started bringing in music,” Marketing and Communications Director Alexis Bolden said. “We started bringing in spoken word with these poetry slams. It has just kept growing. Our newest thing is the Technology Expo. So that’s something new we brought on to the virtual side this year.”

DBFF is virtual again this year. Because of COVID-19 case numbers, organizers felt this was the best option to keep the festival going.

“Some things we had to hold on and we’ll bring back out later,” Bolden said. “But right now everything is virtual. You can check out a hundred plus films online. You still get those same experiences, but you can do it from the comfort of your home.”

They’re still bringing new options to the table even virtually.

“We’ll have free panels on women in Tech, Fintech, cryptocurrency with NFT’s and all of that mixed in there,” Bolden said. “So if that’s still kind of new to you, it’s a perfect time to check out the series.”

There are even Texans to keep an eye out for during the festival.

“I will say Ashleigh Smith she is out here in Texas,” Bolden said. “She is our music artist. She’s a jazz vocalist. Great performer. Beautiful voice.”

DBFF’s goal is about giving Black stories an audience and Black creatives a platform. But it’s inclusive and welcomes everyone to enjoy Black cinema, music, art and more.

“It’s for everyone,” Bolden said. “It’s just like seeing the story lens from someone else’s perspective. Everything isn’t all the heavy conversations so you don’t have to be too intimidated with that, but if you want to hop into that and learn about something you could.”

DBFF runs through February 6. For more information click here.