‘Disney Is Turning Your Kids Gay’

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The Right Wing’s obsession and terror with the Zoomer generation and Gen Z’s exploration of different self-identity through an LGBTQ prism continue apace. Today, Fox News’s Will Cain pointed directly to Disney content as on proximate cause of what some of us see as evolution, while the Right sees nothing but dissolution in all they ever thought to believe.

At issue, this morning on Fox and Friends was a leaked zoom call message in which the child of Disney executive, Karey Burke, claimed her son texted that “Gen Z is 30% to 40% queerer than other generations Mom, so Disney better get with it.”

Of course, it couldn’t be thrown away as one statement by one teen with the realization that any one teen is capable of saying any one stupid thing at any given time, which may or may not have any bearing upon reality. The message was very intentionally picked up upon by wedge issue specialist Christopher Rufo, who made Critical Race Theory Virginia’s single biggest issue and threat during Glenn Youngkin’s race for governor and the Disney-LGBTQ link is now being used to scare the living spit out of Fox-watching grandparents everywhere.

Cain then set about to freak out over a new Gallup Poll that says one in five of the Gen Z generation identifies as LGBTQ.

“What does it entail? What does it encompass? What is more interesting to me is why? Is it because, you know, they are true of this persuasion, or is it because it’s a chicken or egg theme? They are being fed these messages over and over from places like Disney and now the numbers are going up?”

Or maybe the numbers have been this way throughout history, and it’s only now that society doesn’t automatically put to death or at least shun someone for identifying as such do we see reality? The theory never arose on Fox.

Nope. Kids are becoming gay because of the shows they are watching. At least that is Cain’s summation.

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