Don Lemon ‘excited for a new chapter’ after CNN firing | Entertainment

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Don Lemon was one of the most recognizable faces on CNN. He has been with the network for almost two decades, hosting various talk shows, including “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.” He was also known for his frank and often controversial opinions on political and social issues. But on May 15, 2021, CNN announced that they had decided not to renew his contract, which had expired in December 2020. Many were surprised by the news, but Lemon himself seems to be taking it in stride. In fact, he says he’s “excited for a new chapter” in his life.

It’s not uncommon for TV personalities to leave a network after a long tenure. In some cases, it’s simply a matter of wanting to move on or try new things. In other cases, there may be behind-the-scenes conflicts or contractual disputes. It’s unclear why CNN chose not to renew Lemon’s contract, but the network released a statement saying that they “wish him all the best in his future endeavors.” Lemon also wrote a statement on social media, thanking his fans and colleagues for their support over the years.

Despite the suddenness of the news, Lemon says he’s excited to see what comes next. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said that he’s been approached by various networks and platforms about potential opportunities. “I love TV, I love entertaining and educating people, and I love having a voice,” he said. “So, I’m open to all possibilities.” He also hinted that he may be interested in pursuing other creative ventures, such as writing or producing.

Lemon’s optimism is admirable, but it’s understandable if some of his fans are feeling a bit anxious. After all, he was one of the few CNN anchors who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind about controversial topics. He often used his platform to address systemic racism, police brutality, and other issues that affect marginalized communities. He also didn’t shy away from criticizing politicians or media figures who he felt weren’t doing enough to promote social justice.

It’s unclear if any of the offers Lemon has received will allow him to continue speaking out in the same way he did at CNN. But if there’s one thing we know about Lemon, it’s that he’s not one to back down from a challenge. In fact, he’s faced plenty of backlash over the years for his opinions, but he’s always stood by them. In a 2018 interview with The New York Times, he said that he believes it’s his duty as a journalist to “speak truth to power.” He also said that he doesn’t worry about whether or not his opinions will be popular. “I just try to be honest,” he said.

Lemon’s honesty is part of what made him so popular with viewers. People appreciated that he wasn’t afraid to say what he really thought, even if it wasn’t politically correct. But his frankness also made him a target for criticism, particularly from conservative media outlets. In 2018, he received death threats after he criticized Donald Trump for his response to the Charleston church shooting. That same year, right-wing commentators attacked him for calling white men “the biggest terror threat in this country.” But despite the attacks, Lemon has continued to be outspoken about issues he cares about.

Of course, it’s not just Lemon’s opinions that make him a compelling figure. He’s also known for his affable personality and witty commentary. He often engages with his guests in a light-hearted and friendly way, but he’s also not afraid to challenge them if they say something he disagrees with. And he’s not afraid to let his guard down and share personal stories, either. In a 2020 interview with The New York Times, he opened up about his struggles with anxiety and depression, saying that he hopes that by talking about his experiences, he can help destigmatize mental illness.

It’s hard to say what the future holds for Don Lemon. But whatever he decides to do next, one thing is clear: he’s not going to stop being himself. He’s always been unapologetically honest, and he’s always spoken up for what he believes in. That’s why so many people admire him, and it’s why he’s sure to find success in whatever he does next. As he said in his social media statement, “I will see you on the other side, stronger.”