Donald Trump Jr. Blames Hunter Biden For The Chinese Spy Balloon

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Donald Trump Jr. thinks that Hunter Biden and his laptop are the reason why a Chinese spy balloon is drifting over the United States.


Junior says Hunter Biden’s laptop is the reason for the Chinese balloon.

— Ron Filipkowski ?? (@RonFilipkowski) February 3, 2023

Trump Jr. said, “Do you think the billion-dollar Chinese investment into Hunter Biden was because he was a wonderful investor? All those incredible crackheads on Wall Street. There’s lots of them folks. The Chinese, you know, they don’t do any due diligence. They just out billions the same way Oprah hands out books. Stop shoot the thing down, figure out what’s going on, don’t look like a weakling.”

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Trump Jr. then complained that if one percent of this was going on with him and his dad it would be a never-ending global story, but because it is the Bidens, everybody ignores it.

According to Donald Trump Jr., America looks weak if the nation doesn’t show Hunter Biden’s laptop who’s boss by shooting down the Chinese spy balloon.

None of this makes any sense. Donald Trump Jr. is stringing random things together in the hope that it will all connect Hunter Biden’s laptop to the Chinese spy balloon. A balloon has caused the right to lose its collective mind. The right is terrified of an unarmed balloon that is not as powerful as spy satellites.

The Hunter Biden scandal has not taken off, so Donald Trump is trying to launch it by linking Hunter Biden to a spy balloon.

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