Donald Trump’s Election Lies Exposed As ‘Cut-And-Paste’ Job In CNN Bit

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CNN’s John Avlon on Friday pointed out how ex-President Donald Trump’s 2020 election lies are just a “cut-and-paste” job from his former baseless claims of stolen votes and electoral corruption.

Avlon broke down how Trump utilized the exact tactic of crying fraud prior to and throughout his presidency that he’s due to the fact ramped up following his loss to President Joe Biden much more than just one yr in the past.

It was the “same script, unique election,” stated Avlon.

Trump normalized the menace of voter fraud (which, in fact, is unusual) and ready his supporters to reject the final results if he missing way prior to the 2020 vote, claimed Avlon, highlighting cases relationship back to Trump’s 2016 marketing campaign.

“That’s how you can see that Trump’s large lie does not have anything to do with the details of the 2020 election,” he stated. “It’s a cut-and-paste occupation, a reflexive bleep whenever Trump is confronted with the actuality of his worst worry, that he is a loser.”