Driving the Stake Through Emotional Vampires

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Driving the Stake Through Emotional Vampires

I appeared to disappoint him. “Sweetheart, your hair has no form to it,” he’d say, or, “You could stand to drop a several lbs ..” And, when I hadn’t eaten all day, the really mortifying “Oh, darling, your breath!”

I could make improvements to on dental hygiene but I was never ever likely to morph into 1 of the tall, athletic women he favored. I was petite with gentle curves that ended up resistant to cultivating any difficult edges. Through our early interactions, I came to hope that regret soon after sexual intercourse was a regular default, as effectively as a malaise that stuck all-around for times. Only later, by means of my evolution as a girl, would I appear to fully grasp that this not comfortable emotion in my intestine signaled I experienced sold myself out. Like muscle memory, it would be activated time and time yet again, until eventually I uncovered how to guard from it. But back again then, I was putty in his fingers.

Out of curiosity or probably boredom, I’d seemed him up on a current vacation I created to go to a wedding ceremony. In the 10 many years due to the fact we’d past been in touch he had been as a result of a complicated divorce, and what started as a capture-up lunch turned into one more spherical of dating. As a grown female, I was considerably a lot less dog-like and puzzled how I’d fare with him. Could I dance near to that aged flame without obtaining burned? The brief response was no. The getaway fling experienced one more awkward ending and I held ruminating on it. After once more I’d permit him have much too substantially electricity around me and defeat myself up around it. Vampire or not, I wanted to be cost-free of that destructive dynamic when and for all.

“Really see him and really feel his energy, right before you say goodbye,” the shaman said.

I did my aspect and conjured him up, as instructed.

“Hold onto the thick cord that binds the two of you. Now, envision getting a large sword and slicing by way of it and mail him away with like,” she directed. “Then take the part you are still left with and rub it into your stomach, so you really don’t develop any psychic wounds.”

I lower by means of the imaginary wire and despatched him on his way. With appreciate.

When it was more than, I felt elated.