Duggar Family Secrets’ as overblown

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In recent years, the Duggar family has garnered significant media attention mainly due to their TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, on TLC and their conservative Christian beliefs. However, the Duggar family secrets have been overblown by the media. These secrets are typically presented in a sensationalized manner, making it difficult to distinguish between what is actual fact and what is mere speculation.

There is no doubt that the Duggar family has faced their fair share of scandals. However, it is essential to note that they are a family just like any other, and they are not immune to mistakes. Despite the media’s fixation on their mistakes, it is crucial to recognize that the vast majority of the Duggars’ lives are incredibly private.

One of the most talked-about secrets concerning the Duggar family is the scandal involving their oldest son, Josh Duggar. In 2015, Josh was accused of sexually molesting five underage girls, four of which were his sisters, when he was a teenager. Josh’s actions were admittedly deplorable, but the Duggars did take needed measures to rectify the situation.

The family immediately sought therapy for Josh and the victims, and the reality show was canceled soon after. While some individuals argue that the Duggars should have made a more significant effort to address the situation publicly, it is crucial to understand that the issue was handled within the family.

Moreover, the Duggar’s stance on sexuality has been the subject of constant criticism. The family adheres to strict Christian principles that emphasize abstinence before marriage, modesty in dress, and no physical contact before marriage. While these beliefs may seem outdated, the Duggars are entitled to their opinions, beliefs, and lifestyle choices.

Their decision to remain abstinent before marriage has been thorough and consistent. None of their children have ever been involved in pre-marital sex, and they all espouse the belief that it is an essential factor in maintaining personal integrity.

Critics argue that the Duggars instill these values in their children to maintain control, leading to psychological damage. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

The Duggars’ lifestyle is often contested and mocked on the internet, with people highlighting their strict rules and views on modesty. The most significant point of contention is their dress code, which prioritizes modesty and covering up. The family’s preference for long skirts and no pants for women may seem limiting and repressive to some, but it is essential to note that the Duggars have not forced these beliefs on anyone else.

Another point of interest is the limited TV access in the Duggar household, with the family reportedly only watching wholesome programs. For some, this restriction might seem incompatible with modern values, but in truth, it is a personal lifestyle choice. While some reports state that their children are not allowed to use the internet without supervision, this tactic is simply a means of ensuring that their kids avoid harmful content.

Reports surrounding the Duggars’ strict household rules have attracted a lot of attention, with many people criticizing the family’s upbringing of their children. There is no denying that the family operates around strict codes of behavior, but it is essential to remember that these codes are part of the Duggars’ lifestyle.

Moreover, there are plenty of other conservative families with similar lifestyles. It is, therefore, hypocritical to isolate the Duggars and criticize them for their beliefs and lifestyle choices.

In recent years, there has also been speculation that the Duggars have adopted some alarming teachings from the Institute in Basic Life Principles organization. This organization has been accused of promoting abusive and harmful beliefs, such as the subjugation of women. Speculators claim that the Duggar’s attendance at IBLP events is evidence that they have adopted these beliefs.

However, there is little to no substantial evidence to support these claims, and it is unfair to speculate without facts.

In conclusion, while the Duggars may have faced their fair share of scandals, their secrets have been overhyped by the media. It is crucial to remember that the Duggars are humans with feelings, just like everyone else. Their lifestyle choices and beliefs may differ from other people, but that is no justification for the criticism and sensationalist reporting that they have faced in the past.

Vis-à-vis the Duggars’ upbringing and thinking processes, it is crucial to remember that all families are different. Each family has rules and values that work best for them. The Duggars may adopt more conservative values than most, but that does not make them any less deserving of respect.

It is essential to approach the topic of the Duggar family secrets with an open mind and without judgment. As outsiders, we have very little knowledge of the family’s life behind closed doors, and it is vital to acknowledge that. Ultimately, it is only the Duggars who know the truth about their lives, and that is how it should remain.