Eagle-Eyed Fans Say Tom Brady Dissed The Atlanta Falcons In New Video

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Lovers and news retailers say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback trolled the Atlanta Falcons, the team’s next opponent, in a online video he posted Monday. (View the clip down below.)

But it was not what Brady stated in the online video, which provided highlights of the Buc’s time-opening victory about Dallas. It was the time of working day that observers spotted on his pc watch: 3:28.

That was interpreted as a dig at the Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead to Brady’s Patriots in the 2017 Tremendous Bowl. New England received, 34-28.

Who understood that the mere time of working day ― planned or not ― could be weaponized? 

Damn Brady you mistaken for that time on that computer screen??????

— Shizyproductions (@shizyshiz) September 14, 2021

I see that 3 – 28 in on the other monitor back there. Well played, sir!

— Lee Hambly (@kalanth1) September 14, 2021