Enraged Fallen Capitol Officer’s Partner Blasts Secret Service Protected Trump For Encouraging Insurrectionists

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Fallen Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s partner Sandra Garza said on CNN’s Hold On that while Trump is riling up the insurrectionists to more violence by dangling pardons, he and his enablers have Secret Service protection. The rest of us do not.

An angered Garza told CNN’s Jim Acosta that Donald Trump is “purposely riling these people up” by floating pardons for the insurrectionists, and pointed out that while Trump is “running his mouth” “he’s safe in his white castle with Secret Service protecting him” and “all his family members and all the enablers, his favorite people in Congress are safe in their little white castles while the rest of us are, you know, living without security.”


Acosta asked: When he’s talking about pardoning some of the people on January 6th. What did you think when you saw it?

Garza answered:

Oh, I was so angry. He’s purposely riling these people up. This is all a game to him. And what really makes me angry, Jim, is that he’s safe in his white castle with Secret Service protecting him, and he’s running his mouth in, you know, the safety of his home where he lives and all his family members and all the enablers, his favorite people in Congress are safe in their little white castles while the rest of us are, you know, living without security, you know, and the staffers, the people who cleaned up the savagery of that day, the people who defecated in the Capitol, who urinated in the Capitol, you know, they should have cleaned that stuff up, you know.

That really makes me angry because, you know, like I said, you know, the next time something happens we’re going to have a far worse outcome than we did on January 6th. Trump and the rest of the people who enabled him just got lucky. They got lucky, and I know he was really breathing a heavy sigh of relief at the fact that Brian died of natural causes because had that not happened and there was far more death that happened on that day, he would have been answering to a lot more than he is today.

So I’m really angry about that, sorry, I get really riled up because it just makes me so angry.

Republicans have shown a lot of bias about whose security they fret over, as they fear-mongered about Brett Kavanaugh whose home was already protected by U.S. Marshals, but didn’t want to protect the clerks and staff of the Supreme Court.

This utter disregard for the safety of anyone but the most elites among them, who are protected by Secret Service and therefore not vulnerable to the results of their own incitement, is absolutely enraging to anyone who cares about American’s lives and safety.

Garza lost her partner after the attack on the Capitol. She knows what Trump incited on January 6th and what he is inciting by dangling pardons in front of his brainwashed base.

Trump bases all of this violence on the idea that the election was stolen from him, an idea his own close aides have testified he knows is false. The election was the most secure election in U.S. history.

Donald Trump lost an election, and because he doesn’t like losing, he continues to put peoples’ lives at risk with his rhetoric and his repulsive promise to pardon people who participated in what has been called a domestic terrorist attack by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

This same attack appeared in footage recently released by the 1/6 committee looking a war zone rather than the U.S. Capitol.

Trump and his Republican enablers who repeat and justify his dangerous rhetoric are all protected by Secret Service, while the rest of the country is not. We are the people who will pay the price, not them.

Ms. Jones is the co-founder/ editor-in-chief of PoliticusUSA and a member of the White House press pool.

Sarah hosts Politicus News and co-hosts Politicus Radio. Her analysis has been featured on several national radio, television news programs and talk shows, and print outlets including Stateside with David Shuster, as well as The Washington Post, The Atlantic Wire, CNN, MSNBC, The Week, The Hollywood Reporter, and more.

Sarah is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.